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Diet rescue at your fingertips


January 2015

The encouragement you need to stick to your healthy-eating goals is in the palm of your hand.

A newly released smartphone app, "In The Moment," helps users with their right-now food challenges and decisions. Itís designed to explore the emotions behind cravings by asking the user a series of questions, then offering positive suggestions.

"I tried to make it as close to the human interaction as I could," says app creator Kim Flannery, a registered dietitian-nutritionist at the Wisconsin Athletic Club. "It helps people ask, Ďare those calories important to me right now?í Itís self-compassionate."

Flannery spent about two years writing the content for the app; the technical side was handled by Centare, a Brookfield-based software developer.

The app offers stress-management videos and breathing exercises that can help users look beyond the food-weight relationship. Flannery says the "dieting mentality" can be self-defeating.

"You may not follow through with your healthy intentions all the time," she explains. "The more itís black-and-white, the more terrible you feel when you have those little slips."

WAC members and people enrolled in certain Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare weight-loss programs can download customized versions of the app for free. A basic version is sold for iPhone and Android users.


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