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Backwards Bagel

Photos by Kevin Miyazaki

July 2015

It’s not uncommon for certain dishes, especially those with ties to family gatherings or special occasions, to hold sentimental value, and for me personally, the smoked salmon appetizer from c. 1880 does just that. My fiancé and I celebrated our recent engagement at the intimate Walker’s Point eatery, and after learning of our exciting news, the restaurant gifted us this dish — a "cherry on top" of sorts to an already memorable day.

Chef and owner Thomas Hauck says the dish itself is inspired by the ever-popular smoked salmon/bagel combination. "We imagined the smoked salmon bagel everyone loves, but then thought about how we can make it into something different," says Hauck. "The subconscious still recognizes it, but we changed the textures of everything so they’re backwards." The whipped dill sour cream coating the bottom of the plate, for example, is light and airy — quite the departure from the heartier consistency characteristic of most cream cheeses. Pumpernickel crisps contrast the soft and chewy texture found in bagels, and egg whites and yolks, fresh dill, smoked salmon curls and daikon radish round out the dish.

1100 S. 1st St., (414) 431-9271,

Restaurant Roundup

Souped up salads, a revived lakefront restaurant, and one catering to geeks and gamers represent the wide variety of new Milwaukee area restaurants.

Colour Palate

As the name suggests, Colour Palate’s cuisine features vibrant colors and variety. Restaurateur J. Omar Andrietsch and chef Steven Schnur turn salads into something quite special by offering more than 50 different ingredients — all displayed and ready to toss with 15 house-made, small batch dressings, from the unusual, creamy harissa to the more familiar, basil green goddess. "It’s about freshness, color and flavor," says Andrietsch. "It’s like a salad bar, but we do all the work for you."

All salads can be served as a wrap, and freshly made soups round out the menu. 789 N. Water St., Milwaukee, (414) 395-3164,

The Golden Anchor

When The Golden Anchor first opened in the 1960s, it was a popular, Pewaukee Lake hangout, and over the years, different owners changed the focus. Chaz Hastings, Josh Neureuther and Eric Pomery decided to return this restaurant to its golden roots when they completely remodeled the interior and revamped the menu.

Try the crab cake sandwich or the grouper reuben, and during happy hour, enjoy goldfish crackers and complimentary herring dip. "It’s a super fun place, and a lot of people are awestruck — they had no idea that it could look this cool and be this fun," says Hastings. N26-W30227 Maple Ave., Pewaukee, (262) 361-4235,

42 Ale House

Wanna get in touch with your inner geek? Head to the new 42 Ale House, located in the space that previously housed U-beer, Attebury’s and Carlton Grange. Table-top games, video game consoles and Internet gaming events are just some of the attractions of this St. Francis pub.

"We opened our (original, downtown) lounge as a place for geeks and gamers to sit down in an adult environment and have a beer or cocktail and talk about Star Trek or physics," says Lynn Nilles, who owns the restaurant with her husband, Anthony. 3807 S. Packard Ave., St. Francis, (414) 249-4952,


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