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I spy DIY

Photos by Jessica Kaminsky and Jennifer Brindley

July 2015

For Jenni Radosevich, restoring a vintage rotary telephone and turning it into a trendy succulent planter is just another day at the office. The Wisconsin-raised designer turned DIY lifestyle blogger is the embodiment of a thousand Pinterest do’s, and she doesn’t appear to be slowing down anytime soon.

A simple glance at Radosevich’s Instagram page reveals a seemingly endless supply of DIY ideas for jewelry, fashion and home décor — and it’s all festooned beneath the umbrella of her growing business venture: I Spy DIY.

Long before Radosevich became a blogger strolling the streets of Manhattan in search of inspiration, she was just another small-town girl making friendship bracelets, thrifting and putting her own twist on clothing and accessories in her hometown of Manitowoc.

After graduating from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, she set her sights on The Big Apple, where she became a designer for InStyle Magazine.

Working at a magazine had its perks. Not only was Radosevich constantly surrounded by chic colleagues, but she also had a front-row seat to a revolving showcase of the latest trends. It was every fashionista’s dream — until price tags brought her back down to earth.

"I was seeing a ton of really amazing fashion, but being on a budget I couldn’t really afford it," Radosevich says. "I was blogging, and then I ended up shifting the focus to DIY. I love photography and social media so it’s been really fun."

Her colorful, creative handiworks began to attract the interest of her co-workers and led to pitching a DIY story to the editors. A column ran in the September 2010 issue and became a hit. Not long after, she was approached by Random House to do a book.

"I Spy DIY Style" was released in spring 2012 and a whirlwind book tour followed. With appearances on "The Rachael Ray Show," "Good Morning America" and "The Martha Stewart Show," she began blogging at I Spy DIY full time. She is on track to launch a DIY-lifestyle product line by early 2016.

For now, Radosevich splits her time between New York and Milwaukee’s Third Ward. This summer, she joins her sister to launch a series of DIY workshops and lifestyle events from their studio at 338 Milwaukee St. She says visitors shouldn’t expect run-of-the-mill crafting projects.

"I feel like DIY is a different thing than crafting," she says. "For me, DIY is a little more fashion-forward, looking at trends and trying to emulate them for less. It makes a bold statement."

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