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Keep it simple

Photos by Matt Haas

November 2015


Thereís a certain sense of simplicity found in authentic Italian food. The ingredients, often locally sourced, combine in a way that presents a flavor profile bursting with richness and depth. As someone whose approach to ordering one of Americaís most treasured Italian exports ó the pizza pie ó was once "the more ingredients, the better," Iíve since grown to appreciate, and often favor, pies that keep it simple.

Case in point? The Paisano pizza from Transfer Pizzeria Cafe in Bay View. Spicy Italian sausage, shaved Asiago and mozzarella cheeses, fresh tomatoes, and a tomato and pesto sauce blend top the pizzeriaís signature pie crust, which is equal parts chewy and crunchy. (A gluten-free pie crust is also available.) "We use big, rustic cuts on the vegetables," enthuses Maggie McCanna, Transferís general manager of three years. "Everything is really chunky, and youíre getting the full flavor of the vegetable.

"Itís a very simple, fresh flavor, letting the toppings speak for themselves," McCanna continues. "Itís pizza that can stand on its own." And, quite honestly, any dish that brings me back to my time spent studying abroad in (and eating my way through) Italy is a worthy one in my book. 101 W. Mitchell St., (414) 763-0438,


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