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Perfect harmony
Delafield home blends his and her tastes

Photos by Doug Edmunds

October 2015

This mancave-inspired family room softens the home’s glam for homeowner Rob, whose height required a customized longer sectional piece so he can stretch out and take in the slate fireplace, rustic beam ceiling, wagon-wheel style light fixture, russet walls framed by urbane bronze trim and colorful accessories.

Glam meets mancave in a 6,500-square-foot contemporary home nestled in the wooded wonder of Delafield’s Kettle Moraine State Forest.

The updated domicile came together from 2011 to 2014 in a collaboration between Lisa Minneti, an interior designer with Peabody’s Interiors, and longtime partners Christine and Rob. The couple turned to Minneti to help them update their bucolic retreat with modern touches.

"They wanted to put their own stamp on it," Minneti says. "They liked the contemporary bones, but they needed to feel like it was their energy."

A concrete island countertop in the foreground, gray walls with urbane bronze window trim and Edison light canister hanging lamps were added to existing tonal and sleek cabinetry to give the space a purposeful chef-kitchen ambience.

Energy abounds in this multilevel home with a rich blend of color and texture. Minneti incorporated an array of gray, black and plum magenta, fuchsia, terra cotta and orange woven through sparkly, industrial lighting and painted and stained wood.

It all works for a home with five bedrooms, six and a half baths, and formal and informal spaces, from disparate parts like the sleek, tall, window-dominated sitting area with zebra fabric chairs, pearl-tone painted floor and black-brown-gray woodwork to the living room’s inviting charcoal gray sectional and orange and fuchsia pillows framed by a stone fireplace and terra-cotta-painted walls.

Designer Lisa Minneti introduced magenta as a pop of color in the dining room, a typical element she used throughout. Pewter tone-painted window trim and similar tonal furnishings round out the color scheme while an industrial-style light fixture and a mirrored sculpture echo the home’s edgy design.

While this existing indoor pool and workout area was not touched by Minneti, the designer said it provided context to extend the desired clean, edgy lines.

The centerpiece for Christine is the kitchen, with its sleek, modern cabinetry, local craftsman-made countertop and muted tones — a place where her Italian heritage cooking provides plenty of color and texture.

"I love to cook," Christine says. "It’s a favorite place where guests gather."

The entire home, she says, is a larger-than-life favorite for her, Rob and their 85-pound Doberman. She says the home sports more space than they need, but they cherish their current environment, which meets their need for an edgy retreat that both complements and plays against nature’s soft serenity.

Left: An oval bathtub surrounded by marble, bronze tones and geometric-pattern wallpaper soften the mood while homeowner Christine invites enjoyment with the playful painting of a woman posed with a pug, a piece of art she acquired in Italy. 


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