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The pub shed

Photos by Doug Edmunds

September 2015

Owner Carrie says the pub shedís earthy and rustic setting is similar to that found in Colectivo cafes. "I think I built Colectivo in our backyard!" she laughs.

Set in the backyard of a Milwaukee area home, this "pub shed" is not only an adult entertainment space, but one that caters to the interests of children, too. "I wanted it to be a place that we could use as adults as we wanted to, and as our boys grow up, a place for them and their buddies to hang out in as well," says pub shed owner Carrie, who conceptualized the idea with her husband, Joe. "Everyone in the family can use it. Itís not just exclusive to us."

The couple hired J Ryan Fonder, owner of Thunderbird Services in Cedarburg, to design the pub shed. "They wanted something that would make their backyard more inviting and fun," he says. And with its decorative string bulb lighting, standing arcade game and indoor/outdoor bars, the pub shed certainly does just that.

Fonder says this is the first pub shed heís ever designed, but itís a trend he believes is here to stay. "Itís certainly trending," he says. "Structurally, itís really basic. Itís built on a foundation that youíd put a deck on." He says the couple intends to also use the shed for more practical purposes, like storing their lawn mower and garden tools during the winter months.

And whatís more? The structureís design possibilities are endless. "You could make it a kidís playhouse, you could make it a man cave, or even a she shed," Fonder says. "Itís not single-sided or single use. Itís a really basic structure, so itís not something thatís outside the reach of normal people."

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