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Berry Burst

Photos by Matt Haas

August 2015

There are certain dishes worth indulging in, and the berries, bananas and cream crepe at Story Hill BKC is one of them. The eatery, which celebrates its first birthday this month, serves a plethora of savory and sweet crepes, but itís this particular crepeís rich combination of vanilla egg cream and spiced nut granola streusel that makes it shine. Like the rest of its ingredients, the crepeís granola is housemade. Its ingredients? "Oats, pecans, almonds, honey, and the rest is secret," says Rachel Crouch, Story Hill BKCís daytime sous chef.

The crepe is stuffed and topped with sliced banana and an assortment of fresh berries, adding an extra layer of seasonally appropriate sweetness. Crouch, who describes the dish as "fresh, summery, sweetness," says its flavor combinations were inspired by "something more traditional, more French." The restaurant also serves up a smaller, kid friendly version, and although Crouch says the berry crepe is "definitely a favorite," the menu boasts a different featured crepe each day, too. "We offer a daily special influenced by whatever," she says. "You can always come in to see whatís new!"

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