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Berry Delicious

Photos by Maria Harris

December 2016

It’s no secret that Blue’s Egg, with its charming retro atmosphere, is a treat for brunch. Get to the west side restaurant early, or plan for a long wait. That said, you’ll forget about any delay you may have endured when the first taste of what you order hits your tongue. “We treat our omelets like steaks,” says Erick Fisher, the executive chef. And Blue’s Egg’s satisfyingly chewy English muffins, which provide the foundation for three kinds of eggs Benedict or are available as a side, are made in-house, he says.

For a sweet start to your day, try the berry-smothered French toast, a customer favorite. Fisher starts with 1-inch thick Texas toast dipped in a cinnamon-sweetened egg mixture and transformed into golden French toast. Then he macerates fresh strawberries and blueberries with sugar, which cover the toast, and tops it off with powdered sugar, white chocolate sauce and a show-stopping, candy-like almond crumble. That adds up to a decadent dessert for breakfast, but don’t worry: The tartness of the strawberries keeps the dish from tasting overly sugary.

So what’s with the quirky name? Blue’s Egg is an acronym: Breakfast, Lunch in an Urban Environment with Everyone’s Good Graces. “We’re about intentional excellence — and creating that for our guests,” Fisher says. 317 N. 76th St., (414) 299-3180, 


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