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Toast points
Fancied up breads and spreads

Photos by Matt Haas

March 2016

Savory roasted portobello mushrooms top Rocket Baby sourdough. Cream cheese and tomato relish add texture, and arugula and Parmesan cheese adorn the plate.

The National Cafe, 839 W. National Ave., (414) 431-6551,


A 2015 Instagram favorite, avocado toast hits Cream City. Garnished with cucumber, radish, olive oil and coarse sea salt, served on rustic toast. Story Hill BKC, 5100 W. Bluemound Road, (414) 539-4424,
Troubadour Bakery multigrain or sourdough bread served with European-style Pine River Dairy butter, whipped with kosher sea salt for service. Engine Company No. 3, 217 W. National Ave., (414) 226-5695,

Varieties change often, but a few mainstays include: Massaman curry peanut butter and apple; speck, mango, jalapeno jam and goat cheese; scrambled egg, truffle salt, chive and SarVecchio cheese; walnut eggplant spread, red pepper, relish and fried basil (pictured here). Lazy Susan, 2378 S. Howell Ave., (414) 988-7086,



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