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Flavorful Versatility

Photos by Matt Haas

March 2016

In the spirit of our wellness issue, this monthís dish ó Engine Company No. 3ís patacon con huevo ó is not only vegetarian, but also inherently gluten-free and can be easily adjusted to be made fully vegan. "Itís very versatile, catering to everyoneís different culinary preferences and needs right now," says general manager Jack Ford-Teich. "Itís filling but still light."

Ford-Teich calls the dish a "wink and a nod" to the restaurantís co-owner, Sonia Sandroni, who is originally from Colombia. The "patacon" is a green plantain blanched in hot oil, smashed flat, and then cooked crispy for service. Seasonally appropriate Flyte Family Farm beans, cilantro rice and a Colombian-style soffrito sauce are layered atop the plantain, and a sunny-side up egg, sourced from Three Brothers Farm in Oconomowoc, tops off the dish. Garnishes include fresh cilantro, lime zest and a slice of fresh lime. Similar to Engineís sister restaurant, La Merenda, using ingredients from local farms and purveyors is top priority.

Ford-Teich says 90 to 95 percent of foods used come from within 45 miles of the two restaurants. "Chef (Peter) Sandroniís main focus is to keep the quality level high and the prices affordable," he adds. "We want people to be able to eat this well as part of their lifestyle." 217 W. National Ave., (414) 226-5695,

Editorís note: Although the restaurantís weekday and weekend menus differ slightly, the patacon con huevo is a popular staple on both menus.



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