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Sporty Spas
Four spots combine fitness and spa services


March 2016


Located on the Milwaukee River, INVIVO is a fitness spa that provides a sense of balance and tranquility. For INVIVO therapists, "good health stems from balancing the physical, mental and energetic systems of the body because of the integrated model of care," conveys Julie Rabinowitz, marketing director. Therapists are highly accomplished in advanced techniques such as Thai, warm bamboo and craniosacral therapy, and despite the various treatment and service options, there is the mission to address each client individually. Beyond therapy, Rabinowitz says INVIVO has the "immediate goal of giving clients suggestions for achieving long-term health." An imperative suggestion is to always keep your posture in mind, especially in the workplace. Good posture goes a long way in improving the overall health of your body.

2060 N. Humboldt Ave., (414) 265-5606 or

West Wood Health & Fitness Center

West Wood Health & Fitness Center is a proponent to ProHealth Care. Amenities include a fitness floor, group studies, an aquatics center and most importantly, a spa. "The spa team at West Wood prides themselves on providing outstanding spa experiences and customer service, having a deep commitment to the health and well-being of all clients," enthuses spa manager Erin Paasch. Spa services are offered to both women and men, creating a diverse selection of therapies. Following treatments, therapists offer recommendations and products that give you the opportunity to keep your health in balance. West Wood strives to enhance every aspect of its clients’ lives, and to do so its team concentrates on the body’s natural ability to heal itself. 2900 Golf Road, Pewaukee,

(262) 650-8000 or

Clean Slate Spa

"As a professional, I listen to each and every client to ensure they get exactly what they want and need when they walk through the doors at Clean Slate Spa," Susan Keefe, the woman behind Clean Slate Spa, expresses. With that, Keefe has a passion for finding the perfect combination of professional products to customize each client’s treatment and experience. Developing the health of each client is achieved through facials, resulting in healthier and more radiant skin. Facials are essential because they increase blood circulation and detoxify and stimulate muscles and tissues to help firm and tone the skin. Although many of Keefe’s clients are looking to improve one specific area of their body, she continues to implement other ways clients can comprehensively advance their health. While Keefe’s main focus is the products she uses on clients’ skin, she also highlights the pertinence of food and how it affects skin. The daily consumption of food and beverages have a major impact on your skin and health, and for that reason, Keefe offers tips on a balanced diet to achieve a glowing

complexion. 19680 W. Bluemound Road, Brookfield, (262) 784-0828 or

PRANA Wellness

PRANA Wellness is a studio that focuses on Thai massage, Reiki therapy and yoga. The studio also offers feng shui consultation. Feng shui stems from the Chinese philosophy of having harmony with your environment. This harmony in turn establishes a positive impact on physical, mental and emotional states. Professionals at PRANA begin their consultation by studying your home or office and move forward from there to develop balance and a proper energetic flow. Acquiring the foundation of a balanced home or office allows for the complete focus on your personal health. Yoga is at the core of PRANA’s therapies, as it is proven to reduce stress and enhance your prosperity. The team of practitioners at PRANA maintains the holistic ambition to inspire a positive lifelong change. 126 E. Mineral St., (414) 916-9000 or




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