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A Match Made in Decadent Heaven

By By Jeanette Hurt
Photography courtesy of Kohler Co.

November 2016


Open the bottle, and a chocolate aroma envelops you. Slowly take a sip, and the sweetness of brandy flows over your tongue. Chocolate and brandy — it’s a match made heavenly in Kohler, with the first ever release of Kohler Original Recipe Chocolates Dark Chocolate Brandy.

Like Kohler Original Recipe Terrapins and the whole Kohler chocolate line, the inspiration for this decadent drink comes from Herb Kohler, who first challenged his team to look into craft spirits in 2014. “Over 12 months, we infused all different kinds of vodkas, gins, whiskeys (and) bourbons, and we even tried making our own gin at one point,” says Gerald Allison, manager of Woodlake Market and the Kohler chocolates business. “We used fruits, spices, and what we found out, when we took a step back, was a lot of infused spirits were ‘me-too’ stuff. We wanted to do something that wasn’t being done.”

So, the creative team took a look at what they did well — chocolate — and looked at, well, what Wisconsin did well — that is, drink brandy. “The bitterness of the dark chocolate and the sweetness of the brandy just popped,” Allison says.

Since Kohler isn’t in the spirits business, the company partnered with Central Standard Craft Distillery to make this 2-year-old, bourbon-barrel-aged, chocolate brandy, using Kohler’s proprietary recipe chocolate. “We’re the first to make it, nobody else is doing it, and we want to be the one to pioneer it,” Allison says. “The key word to many spirits is flavored. Ours is not flavored. It’s a true, dark chocolate brandy — all natural with no artificial anything to it, which is what makes it unique.”

For now, the chocolate brandy is just available in Wisconsin, but distribution could expand at a later date.


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