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Spare the rod

Photos by Matt Haas

September 2016

Choosing just one dish to represent the breadth of international fare on the menu at Brady Street’s Easy Tyger is no easy task. The place is like a passport for your taste buds, with Italian, Korean and Portuguese stops and distinct nods to street food around the globe. "Eat the world, drink the world is our mantra," says Executive Chef Evan Greenhalgh, whose résumé includes turns at Buckley’s, The Rumpus Room and Lake Park Bistro.

Spoil yourself and order the Chinese take-out-style ribs, one of the large plates the restaurant now offers. "They’re our take on a classic Chinatown restaurant pu pu platter," Greenhalgh says. The pork spare ribs are roasted, grilled and glazed with a sweet-tasting char-siu sauce — like a Chinese BBQ sauce, he explains, made with hoisin, Chinese five-spice and honey. They come with a crunchy slaw dressed in Asian mayo with chopped peanuts and a refreshing touch of mint. Crushed peanuts, scallions and toasted white sesame seeds finish this elegant plate. 1230 E. Brady St., (414) 226-6640, m



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