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Flower Power


April 2017

Kurt Bartel of David J. Frank Landscape Contracting Inc. recommends seven types of blooms to decorate your landscape with color, whether you prefer pastels or vivid shades.

1 Profusion zinnias
Draught-resistant so they don’t need to be watered daily; you can buy in multiple colors, including pinks, reds, yellows and oranges.

6 BIG and Whopper begonias
Similar to Dragon Wing begonias, BIG and Whopper begonias grow up to 24 inches tall and are covered with rose, pink or red flowers; they are hardy and disease- and insect-free.

2 Coleus
The leaves of these plants come in a variety of shapes and colors, including pinks, reds, oranges,
yellows and greens; they’re also tough. Wasabi, a green variety, should be popular this year.

3 SunPatiens
A colorful, hardier version of impatiens, some of which have succumbed to disease.

4 Supertunias Unlike regular petunias, these do not need to be deadheaded; they’re available in pinks, purples, whites, reds and blues.

7 Angelonia
These upright plants are reminiscent of snapdragons and come in purples, blues and whites.

5 Sweet potato vine
These spillers grow very well in our climate. Available in purple or Margarita, a lime green variety.

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