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Interior Designer Spotlight
Q&A with Betsy Hoke, ASID, WRID, NARI CR
Six questions with the owner of Sturgeon Interiors


August 2017

Describe your aesthetic in one sentence.

I enjoy an updated, traditional look with pops of color and clean lines.


Tell us about one of your favorite projects and why you enjoyed it.

One of my favorite projects was for a couple who left town for six months and told me to do a total turnkey renovation of their condo before they got back. It was gratifying that they placed that much trust in me, and I was able to give them great design.


Aside from furniture and dcor, who or what influences or inspires you?

I guess nature is an inspiration to me. There are unlimited patterns and colors to contemplate, and bringing nature into our interiors, or biophilic design, proves to enhance our sense of well-being.


Finish this sentence: Every room needs _____ .

Something personal for example, a collection or artwork or a souvenir from traveling. Otherwise the room looks like its right off the showroom floor.


What is something that would surprise people to learn about you?

People who visit the studio are surprised to see my collection of chairs. I think they are really an art form, but you have to be careful sharing this with people because you end up receiving anything with a chair on it!


What are your favorite Milwaukee-area spots?

I enjoy eating at Lake Park Bistro and Harbor House, as well as some of the smaller restaurants
like Crazy Water. Im a boutique shopper for clothing and accessories and like to stroll the (Historic) Third Ward. A trip to the Milwaukee Art Museum is always a wonderful experience.


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