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Advanced sommelier and multi-unit director for The Bartolotta Restaurants


Dec. 2017

You recently earned the level 3 certification as a sommelier. Tell us more about that.

The Court of Master Sommeliers was established as an organization to further the wine and sommelier community. It sets standards, upholding hospitality, (and) theyíve created a series of examinations. They have four levels that are part of the examinations: 1. Introductory, 2. Certified Sommelier, 3. Advanced Sommelier, and 4. Master Sommelier. I passed the advanced (exam) this past July. (Espinosa is the only sommelier in Milwaukee certified at this level. She hopes to achieve the master level next.)

It you werenít a sommelier, what would you be doing?

Iím not sure. ... Iím thrilled with what Iím doing, and I donít want to do anything else. Iíve worked really hard to be where Iím at, and itís pretty cool to know that, even though Iím in Milwaukee  and Iím super proud to be here, I took the same (certification) test everyone else took around the world. ... Being in a small market has certain challenges, and that is something Iíve worked hard to change ó to create a local community of sommeliers that is really collaborative.

When not drinking wine, whatís your alcoholic beverage of choice?



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