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The Knick’s Sweet Potato Gnocchi


Dec. 2017

Attached to the historic Knickerbocker on the Lake hotel, The Knick is just a walk away from Milwaukee’s downtown district. Along with running daily specials to test out new dishes, The Knick also changes the menu a few times a year to bring in flavors of the season. This fall, that seasonal dish is a sweet potato gnocchi. 

“We talked about making a pumpkin gnocchi — that’s what I was kind of set on,” head chef Chris Peterson explains. “Then one of my cooks told me, ‘You know, they love pumpkin now, but come February everyone’s over it, so sweet potato might be better.’ We changed it, altered the recipe a little bit, and it worked.” 

After turning those versatile sweet potatoes into gnocchi, he adds shitake mushrooms, roasted butternut squash, sweet peas and Brussels sprouts, and  swirls in a sherry brown butter sauce. The gnocchi is then topped with goat cheese, which adds a creamy burst of flavor to the hearty dish. A delicious vegetarian option on its own, the sweet potato gnocchi can also be topped with duck confit for added protein. 1030 E. Juneau Ave., (414) 272-0011,


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