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Joe Heppe, Head chef I.D. Delafield


Dec. 2017

Are there any food trends that you wish would just end already?
Most food trends are irrelevant. Just because kale isn’t the “hot vegetable” doesn’t mean I will stop using it.

Best meal you ever had?
Chef’s Table at Brooklyn Fare.

What job really kick-started your career?
Working with Gracious events and (at) Bjonda as an executive chef for the first time.

Best piece of advice you’ve received from another chef?
“When someone asks you what your favorite ingredient is, don’t be fancy. The answer is always salt.” Executive chef Mike Wolf of Nstars (Restaurant Group) told me this, and I’ll never forgot it.

What food is your guilty pleasure?
Ranch dressing or anything dipped in ranch!

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Delafield | (262) 646-1620


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