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Joshua Rodgers, Executive Chef
Smyth at the Iron Horse Hotel


Dec. 2017

What type of food can diners expect from Smyth?
At Smyth, we cook approachable, modern-American cuisine. We make many of our products in house, such as our goats milk yogurt, pastas and ricotta cheese, and we locally source all of our seasonal ingredients. While our cooking techniques are complex, it’s very important to us that each ingredient is able to shine and is not masked by overly complicated flavors. In our kitchen, simplicity is key.

Do you have a signature dish or favorite dish you enjoy cooking?
I always love to push the boundaries with food and create out-of-the-box dishes that diners won’t find at other restaurants. One of my favorite dishes we’ve created for the Smyth menu is the seafood charcuterie
board. The seafood selection for this dish is ever-changing, but we always offer a seafood paté, a smoked fish and a cured fish — similar to the elements of a traditional charcuterie board.

What is the most fun experience you’ve had at the Iron Horse Hotel?
The Iron Horse Hotel offers a farmers market dinner package. For this package, my culinary team and I bring guests to local markets, where they get to pick out the fresh ingredients that will be used for their four-course dinner that evening at Smyth. The guests truly get to learn about Milwaukee’s finest produce, cheeses and
spices and see how we use those local ingredients to create an extraordinary meal and a memorable experience.

500 W Florida St., Milwaukee
(414) 374-4766


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