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Interior Designer Spotlight
Q&A with Dawn Adamec
Six questions with the Steinhafels Interior Designer


February 2017

Describe your aesthetic in one sentence.

The most important part of being a great designer is being able to truly listen to your client so that you can develop a plan of action based on their vision and lifestyle.

Tell us about one of your favorite projects — and why you enjoyed it.

My favorite projects are ones in which the customer mixes textures. I love mixing multiple textures — metals, woods and weaves. I use furniture or accents made with wicker in more modern styles, though.

I just did a sunroom, and we created a lounge with four slipper chairs, a funky Company C area rug and a round wicker ottoman from Padma’s Plantation. I topped it off with a giant metal tray I found at a flea market and an oversized serving platter made by Jessie Voss that I picked up at Frill in Cedarburg. 

Aside from furniture and décor, who or what influences or inspires you?

I am most inspired by nature. Hiking on Wisconsin trails, you see earth tones from the textures of bark, grass and wood. I love my beach time as well, especially the Caribbean — vibrant blues of water mixed with the soft tans of sand and natural creams found in shells and stones, along with natural textiles of cottons and linens.

Finish this sentence: Every room needs _______ .

Pillows and recycled glass.

What is something that would surprise people to learn about you?

I am a history junkie! I find the Milwaukee County Historical Society on Old World Third Street amazing. You can always learn something new, especially when it leads to old buildings that showcase architectural styles that reflect Milwaukee’s industrial past.

What are your favorite Milwaukee-area spots — to dine local, shop local or do local?

My favorite place to dine in Milwaukee is Cubanitas on Milwaukee Street. I always have to have a mojito. My favorite shopping hands down is still in the Historic Fifth Ward for vintage furniture and accents.

I love the antique shops, including one off National called Farm Girl (Art & Antiques).


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