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June 2017

Photo by David Szymanski

Summer may be the best season in southeastern Wisconsin, and it’s hard to do better than a sunny afternoon spent lakeside. Port Washington charms with its lake views and farm-to-table restaurant Twisted Willow, where executive chef James Flatley takes great care to design dishes that look as good as they taste.

While several salads on the menu are worth digging into, the crab cake salad is one of its most popular. Fresh crab claw meat combines with Ritz crackers for crab cakes that are light with a crispy exterior. Flatley uses seasonal mixed greens, such as Boston bib lettuce, endive, escarole, frisée, red leaf lettuce and arugula. Like the greens, bright, refreshing heirloom tomatoes come straight from the farm in Grafton, but the parsley, chives and dill in the green goddess dressing have a shorter commute: They’re grown in containers on the third floor. “It’s all fresh herbs,” Flatley says. “None of them are dry.

“In the summer, we get fresh Meyer lemons — fruity, fragrant lemons,” he adds. Those lemons are key players in the dressing and make their way onto the plate as a garnish. It all adds up to a delightfully satisfying summer dish. 308 N. Franklin St., Port Washington, (262) 268-7600,


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