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Fests For Foodies


June 2017

Our beloved City of Festivals kicks off its 2017 season this month, and we’d be lying if the indulgent  festival fare, from deep-fried favorites to internationally inspired bites, didn’t excite us almost as much as the festivals themselves. Tantalize your taste buds and prep your tummy for what lies ahead here.

Mexican Fiesta
A trio of signature Mexican fare: refried beans, Mexican rice andtender beef topped with diced white onion and fresh cilantro.
When to indulge this year: Aug. 25-27
Irish Fest
How do you turn a baked potato into
a decadent spud? Top it with savory sour cream,
butter and fresh chives and add cheese on the side.
When to indulge this year: Aug. 17-20
Saz’s always-popular sampler platter and tangy barbecue pulled pork sandwich. Sour cream and chive fries accompany both dishes, of course.
When to indulge this year:
June 28-July 2, July 4-9
Polish Fest
Stuffed pierogi (traditional Polish dumplings), caramelized onions and tart, homemade applesauce — need we say more?
When to indulge this year: June 16-18

German Fest
Deep-fried Reuben rolls packed with corned beef
and sauerkraut, plus Mader’s salted soft pretzel.
When to indulge this year: July 28-30



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