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Interior Designer Spotlight
Q&A with Kim Streater
Interior Designer at Boston Store Furniture Gallery


June 2017

Describe your aesthetic in one sentence.

I personally prefer an eclectic aesthetic that emphasizes comfort, coziness, simple lines and a touch of whimsy — perhaps English cottage meets ’50s retro.


Tell us about one of your favorite projects — and why you enjoyed it.

I recently had clients who wanted a comfortable but modern style to mesh existing pieces and artwork. Their living and dining spaces were reversed, leaving a small footprint for the seating, which they wanted to maximize. It was a different style than I was used to working with, and the space limitations were unusual, but my clients were open to my suggestions and trusted my choices. Everything arrived as expected, and the rooms are cohesive, functional and beautiful.


Aside from furniture and décor, who or what influences or inspires you?

I am equally influenced by minimalism and my love of secondhand and antique stores. I am in a constant battle with simplicity and collecting.

I enjoy exploring in many ways, and I am influenced by long walks around Milwaukee and the lakefront, around Fowler Lake in Oconomowoc, and along the Fox River, near (my) home in Waukesha. I like to find and explore other areas new to me and the shopping and eating venues there.

I moved frequently growing up, and I lived in the Middle East for a short while. I know that the exposure to many different places, climates and people has greatly influenced me.


Finish this sentence: Every room needs _____ .

A comfortable place to sit.


What is something that would surprise people to learn about you?

People might be surprised to know that I graduated — years ago — with a degree in computer information systems from the University of North Texas.


What are your favorite Milwaukee-area spots — to dine local, shop local or do local?

Whenever I am going to downtown Milwaukee, I almost always work North Lincoln Memorial Drive into my route, even if it is out of the way. Just looking out at the lake has an effect on me. It is calming and exciting at the same time, making me breathe deeper. And I love seeing people out and about, enjoying the lakefront in almost any weather. I recently discovered a great antique store, Riverview Antique Market, and just a short walk away is Stack’d Burger Bar and Stone Creek Coffee, one of my favorites.


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