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Cosmetic surgery trends
A look at the most popular procedures from head to seat

By Joann Petaschnick

March 2017

Cosmetic enhancements, which were once very hush-hush, are no longer unmentionable. These days people from all walks of life are getting work done — and they are talking about it.

The specialty has indeed changed, says Dr. Mark F. Blake of the Clinic of Cosmetic Surgery, which has locations in Milwaukee and Brookfield. “In the past, plastic surgery was often treated in a secretive way; it was viewed as something only for the wealthiest people. Now it is talked about and accepted and being done by a much greater number of people,” he says.

In another shift from past years, many more procedures are being done on an outpatient basis, using local anesthetic or even no

anesthetic. This is a big change from the past, and it has huge benefits in terms of patient safety, comfort and recovery. “Less invasive surgery is the trend. Patients are asking for procedures with less downtime,” says Dr. Alex Colque of Skiin in Waukesha.

No Ifs, Just Butts

Trends in the types of procedures requested by patients have changed too. Of course, breast augmentation, tummy tucks and face-lifts are still very popular, but something new has been added. “One of the fastest-growing procedures we are seeing is what’s called the Brazilian butt lift,” Blake says. The procedure combines liposuction, fat transfer and body contouring with buttock augmentation to increase the size of the rear. The past year has seen significant growth in the procedure, partially because Jennifer Lopez and reality stars like the Kardashians have brought ample butts into the mainstream.

“The butt lift takes the body’s own fat and transfers it to sculpt and give a more rounded shape. We also do some implants, but it isn’t as popular,” Colque says.

While the rear end is getting bigger, breasts are getting smaller. Studies show that the new desired body type is more lean, which leaves out an overly large chest. “The breast enhancement is the most common procedure, but many women are looking for a more natural-looking result, using smaller implants. They want more upper fullness, more perkiness as opposed to size,” Colque says. The average might be a C-D rather than a D-E.

Smaller implants and nipples are a definite trend, Blake says. One of the biggest groups of women now having breast augmentation are women after childbirth. “Women want to restore their breasts to the way they once looked,” he says. And, because they want smaller, more natural breast implants, women also are asking for a smaller nipple size.

No More Muffin Top

For those who can’t seem to shed hard-to-lose fat, a new FDA-cleared procedure, CoolSculpting, can trim unwanted bulges from your belly and love handles without incisions. “We are seeing a big demand for this noninvasive kind of fat removal. Using a vacuum-cup applicator that sucks in pockets of fat, the machine delivers controlled cooling to break down fat cells, but doesn’t harm the skin. When you chill the fat cells, you injure them, and they die,” Blake explains.

Women aren’t the only ones taking advantage of these procedures. “As plastic surgery is becoming more common and accepted in men, we’re seeing more of them undergo procedures to tighten and tone problem areas, like the tummy, and even (undergo) breast reduction,” Colque says. 

Rejuvenation and Transplants

Another procedure growing in popularity is vaginal rejuvenation, which can help women feel more comfortable in intimate settings and during certain types of exercises and activities. “Interest in these procedures has grown as awareness of the availability has increased and women feel more at ease discussing their sexual concerns with their doctors,” says Blake. “A radio frequency device is used for an improved cosmetic appearance, and it may help with incontinence and laxity issues. There seems to be good success, and there is no downtime.”

Hair transplants have improved tremendously, Blake says. Gone are the days when you could spot the telltale hair “plugs.” “We can perform follicular unit extraction, or FUE transplants, without a scar on the back of the head. It has a natural appearance, and patients are very pleased,” he says.

Minimally Invasive

As for minimally invasive procedures, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) notes that the top five are botulinum toxin type A (Botox) injections, soft-tissue fillers, chemical peels, laser hair removal and microdermabrasion. “With better technology and increased availability of new fillers, more procedures are available,” Colque says.

There’s no doubt about the popularity of cosmetic procedures; the number performed in the U.S. has grown six-fold since 1997, per the ASPS. But whatever the procedure, experts recommend that you discuss your options with a qualified, board-certified plastic surgeon to ensure safety and the best possible results.

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