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March 2017

Photo by David Szymanski

There once was a collaborative kitchen in the neighborhood of Bay View whose chefs devised a multicourse meal every year on Halloween. One year each course burst forth from a different seed of inspiration: its own dark fairy tale compiled by the Brothers Grimm. And once the chefs’ imaginations were unleashed, they fed more seeds, which grew into more dishes, which is how this particular translation of duck made its way onto the menu at Odd Duck on KK.

In this version, tender, cold-smoked duck breast lies alongside a crispy duck confit croquette. “We put a three-step batter on it and slightly fry it to give it a golden color,” says sous chef Sam Ek of the latter. Sharing the plate are pierogi made with goat cheese and potatoes. Ek garnishes the dish with sauce Robert, a classic French sauce that includes wine, mustard and plump dried cherries, as well as painterly dollops of beet purée and mache greens for a dramatic flourish.

“We like to see what our farms are producing and keep up with that,” Ek says of the ever-changing story of small-plate options at the restaurant. “We try to hit a broad spectrum and make sure we’re touching every part of the world,” he adds, noting that duck is appropriately always on the menu. 2352 S. Kinnickinnic Ave., (414) 763-5881,


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