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Zesti’s Greek-style Meatball


Nov. 2017

Located in downtown Hartland, Zesti is chef/owner Michael Feker’s dream of celebrating the cuisines and cultures that infused his culinary background brought to life. An industrial-chic interior, complete with rustic, wood beams overhead and a Cream City brick wall, exudes warmth and coziness, creating an inviting atmosphere, and the seasonally inspired menu transports guests to every corner of the globe.

“I wanted to create a traveling opportunity for people without leaving the community,” Feker enthuses. “Paint your (ideal) flavor passport, and I’ll stamp it with every culture you’re looking for.”

For a taste of Greece, order the Greek-style meatball, shown here. The meatball itself, says Feker, is composed of three meats: hormone-free, Wisconsin-sourced pork, grass-fed beef and organic chicken. “Those three are combined for fat content, that beefy flavor we love, and then the chicken lightens it up,” he explains, noting that lemon zest and Greek oregano are then added to the mixture for more spice. “The natural oil of the lemon releases its flavor through the heat of the meat as it’s cooking. You can really taste (the lemon) when you bite into it.” Feker plates the meatball over a generous portion of roasted garlic mashed potatoes and tops it with an aromatic, homemade tomato sauce. “It’s something your heart can relate to, but it’s lighter,” he adds. 130 E. Capitol Drive, Hartland, (262) 367-3333,  


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