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Meet Ryan Dale


April 2018

Just as local nonprofit Ex Fabula aims to encourage dialogue and foster a sense of connectivity within the community through performance-based storytelling events, Ryan Dale and his wife, Anna Aragon, are working to share the stories of farming, gardening and community-based groups through educational and promotional videos. These videos, Dale adds, give another dimension to these organizations and the work they do.

“Sharing stories of the (gardening) process and the challenge of growing food really connects people in a way that’s rudimentary to our culture and, more importantly, to our survival,” says Dale of the mission behind their video production company, Anglès Creations. “Gardening is this amazing process of learning not only from nature, but learning from and learning with the community, children and your neighbors.

“… These stories and these tales of garden woes and challenges and successes are rooted in these plants that provide us nourishment,” he continues. “By sharing these experiences, it provides us with a knowledge that enriches our lives and perpetuates strength in community, strength in our families, and strength in our society and our economy.”

When not behind the camera lens or editing video, Dale manages production at Zymbiotics, LLC, a Fox Point-based fermented food company. “We do natural, fermented (and) handcrafted kimchi, sauerkraut, ginger, carrot and beet products,” he says. The brand is currently sold at more than 200 stores throughout the Midwest, including Whole Foods, Outpost Natural Foods and Sendik’s Food Market. The individuals featured on this page are former Ex Fabula storytellers.

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