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Dish of the Month:
Birch + Butcher’s Grilled Beef Skirt Steak


August 2018

Decorated in beautiful, bright birch wood, which helped establish the restaurant’s name, Birch + Butcher offers a variety of dishes, from brunch to dinner fare, as well as a cafe area with coffee, bagels and breakfast sandwiches.

Head chef Miles Borghgraef, who co-owns the restaurant with Rebecca Zwiefelhofer, says he is incredibly proud of everything they do in-house, including their own butchering, house-made breads, bagels, butter and even cola and ginger beer.

One such dish is the grilled beef skirt steak, which is trimmed of fat, seasoned with salt and pepper, then laid onto the grill where it is brushed with house-made clarified brown butter, flipped and repeated, a process that Borghgraef says enhances the grilled flavor.

“(The butter) bakes that herb flavor into the meat, which also causes a little more flare-up to happen on the grill, which helps that charring that makes skirt steak so delicious,” he says.

The skirt steak is then topped with a house-made beef fat vinegar — a unique process that marinates charred ribeye fat in white vinegar — that, combined with the juices and fat of the skirt steak, creates a flavorful sauce.

The steak is also served with a side of grilled seasonal vegetables, but Borghgraef says no matter what vegetable is in season, the skirt steak is the star of the meal.

“Nobody in the history of ordering food (says) ‘I’ll have that filet because (I want) those potatoes.’ You get the filet because you want the filet. … You don’t order the beef skirt steak because you love asparagus. You order it because you love beef,” he says.

459 E. Pleasant St., (414) 323-7372,


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