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Industry Profile: Michele Klotz of OMG
The Complete Bloody Mary Cocktail


August 2018

Michele Klotz loved a good bloody mary, especially when she and her husband went out. But even when she discovered a favorite bloody mary at a restaurant or bar, it often didnít taste the same the next time she ordered it. Klotz began researching recipes and taste-testing recipes on friends and family members until she came up with the perfect blend. They loved her recipe so much that today she sells a perfectly premixed and ready-to-drink bloody mary called OMG, made with her special blend of juices, spices and five-times-distilled vodka. Since it made its debut, OMG is now sold in more than 100 stores, including Discount Liquor, Woodmanís Market, Sendikís Food Market, Total Wine & More, Sentry, and Brewís Wine and Spirits. Klotz sat down with

MKE Lifestyle to talk about bloody marys, beer chasers and more.

How long did it take you to come up with the perfect bloody mary recipe?

It took five years to really develop the perfect recipe. I was kind of looking to do something new, as my kids were growing up. Three and a half years ago, I started selling a non-alcoholic mix at the farmers market in Pewaukee, and then it took over two years after that to have it ready to bottle at Midwest Custom Bottling in Pewaukee. They bottle Rumchata and Soul Boxer old-fashioneds. We have been in retail stores since December, and we are now in 118 local stores.

Tell us a bit about your recipe.

It has 20 different spices (and) tomato and vegetable juices. Itís a good blend of medium-spicy and sweet, and itís made with real products and no preservatives. Itís got 12.5 percent alcohol by volume. The spices come from Asenzya (Inc.), a spice company in Oak Creek. (They) came up with all my wet and dry ingredients to develop our own spice blend, which we use now. Itís not like a pre-bottled V-8 juice with liquor. Itís got a little more texture and mouthfeel, and itís a really good, smooth bloody mary. Itís perfect! Our big thing is we are local, and we get amazing feedback from customers.

Tell us about that.

We get immediate feedback from people (at events where we offer tastes). Most people say, ďOh, this is really good.Ē The best feedback, though, is when people say, ďOh my gosh, thatís so good!Ē And then I start laughing and point to the name.

What do you think are the perfect garnishes for a bloody mary? Here in Wisconsin we can go pretty crazy with them.

Iím just a beef stick, pickle and olive person. I think maybe (someone) came up with that because itís a hangover cure, but itís evolving, and now people are putting everything on it. Iíve seen some $50 bloody marys. Itís insane.

What kind of a beer chaser do you like on yours?

I just like Miller Lite. Pabst is good too. I stick with the hometown. Wisconsin is the only state Iíve been to that does beer chasers.

Do you drink anything other than bloody marys?

I am a huge fan of dirty martinis, and I have to say, OMG is a great dirty martini chaser. Just a little shot of this with a dirty martini is a good combo.


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