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Hot to Trot


Feb. 2018

When the tundra is frozen and the temperatures are equally chilly, nothing warms a body up like a hot cocktail. Toddies, Irish coffees and buttered rums have always been a part of Wisconsinís bar lore, and there are plenty of great places in Milwaukee that serve up drinks to warm the body and soul. Here are 10 hot cocktails to try right now.

Tina T, Kindred on KK
This warm and fuzzy drink blends Mezcal, tawny port, dry curacao, mulled pomegranate and pine nut orgeat. Smoky, sweet, yummm!


Irish Coffee, County Clare Irish Inn & Pub
A real Irish coffee done right starts with strongly brewed coffee (preferably dark roast), sugar (preferably demerara), Irish whiskey (preferably Tullamore D.E.W. original) and whipped cream (preferably heavy and sweet) ó all combined in perfect proportions and topped with just a light dusting of spice (preferably cinnamon or nutmeg).

Fireball Hot Toddy, Milwaukee ChopHouse
Fireball cinnamon whiskey gets further warmth from honey, lemon and caramel. The gorgeous drink is garnished with a single star anise.

Brew City Coffee, Mason Street Grill
A delicious version of the Mexican coffee, this hot cocktail starts with dark roasted coffee, but it ends with vanilla vodka and Kahlua.

Banana Daiquiri Tom & Jerry, The Phoenix Cocktail Club
If a banana daiquiri walked into Wisconsinís traditional battered (yes, battered, as in batter) cocktail, it might taste something like this, made with Cruzan black strap rum, banana, bitters, Tattersall lime crema and Wisconsin-made kringle cream liqueur.

All the Best, Valentine Coffee Co.
Like a traditional Irish coffee, but made with bourbon. Starts with perfectly brewed Bering Sea Blend, which mingles with bourbon and vanilla before being righteously finished with bourbon whipped cream.

The Standard T & J, Central Standard Craft Distillery
Nothing standard about Central Standardís Tom & Jerry, as itís made with Kohler dark chocolate brandy and a stellar batter. Foamy, warm goodness in a glass, er, mug.

Earl Grey Hot Toddy, Firefly Tosa
Just as the name says, this tea-based toddy starts with an Earl Grey honey syrup thatís warmed by bourbon, and then itís finished with charred lemon and cloves. Aromatic, light and super warming!

Snowflake, Rochambo Coffee and Tea House
This Brady Street coffee and tea house is known for its Irish coffee, made with hand-whipped-at-the-moment organic whipped cream, but the other hot cocktails on the menu are equally good, including the Snowflake, which is made with Godiva white chocolate liqueur, Crater Lake hazelnut espresso vodka, house coffee and the aforementioned hand-whipped whipped cream.

Hot Mulled Wine, Boone & Crockett
The mulled wine at this Bay View cocktail hot spot starts with a nice Robertson cabernet sauvignon that mingles and mulls with Jacquinís brandy and, of course, mulling spices. Hot, sort of spicy and totally spirited.


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