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Gardener’s Pie at The Fitz


Jan. 2018

Vegetarian friends, rejoice. The Fitz — the recently revamped restaurant at the Ambassador Hotel — just made finding the perfect vegetarian dish much easier. Executive chef Jason Gorman says the gardener’s pie is The Fitz’s original take on a shepherd’s pie, but created specifically for vegetarians.

“We thought about our vegetarian friends and wanted to create a unique but familiar entrée for them. So we came up with a gardener’s pie,” Gorman says. “(The ingredients are) not all baked together in a dish, but (the dish) is topped with a Parmesan potato puree and toasted to create the same effect.”

The Brussels sprouts, tricolor carrots, fennel and watermelon radishes are roasted with garlic, lemon juice, salt and pepper, and extra virgin olive oil. Those veggies are laid on a bed of butternut squash puree (which serves as the “sauce”), local honey, butter and a touch of madras curry powder. The pie then gets topped with swirls of Parmesan potato puree, is lightly toasted, and then garnished with baby herbs, olive oil and lemon juice.

“It’s not entirely derivative, but we think it captures the spirit of a shepherd’s pie — if the shepherd was vegetarian,” Gorman adds. 2308 W. Wisconsin Ave., (414) 345-5015,


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