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Corned Beef and Cabbage At County Clare


March 2018

Walking into County Clare Irish Restaurant is like being transported to an old-fashioned Irish pub. With wood paneling, stained glass windows and proverbs posted on the walls, the environment matches the fare at this downtown spot. 

Executive chef Cory James says the restaurant offers a mix of traditional Irish and Irish-American dishes, such as the corned beef and cabbage seen here. “Corned beef, despite what people think, is actually quite American,” James says. 

Though enjoyed by many on St. Patrick’s Day, the dish’s association with Ireland originally started in New York as people were immigrating to the U.S. from Ireland, James adds.

Corned beef was used as a less expensive substitute for pork, which was the preferred meat in Ireland. Since then, people have accepted this American take on an Irish classic.

Today County Clare honors that history by offering a tender, slow-roasted corned beef brisket with cabbage. The dish also comes with two sides: baby red potatoes and a bacon-braised slaw made up of kale, carrots and two kinds of cabbage tossed in an apple vinegar glaze.

To enhance the Irish-American culinary experience, James recommends indulging in a piece of corned beef and cabbage simultaneously to complement their flavors. 1234 N. Astor St., (414) 272-5273,


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