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Industry Profile:
Shay Linkus, Mitch Ciohon and John Revord of Snack Boys


May 2018

Irreverent, funny and surprising even to themselves, the Snack Boys have opened a game-changing restaurant and bar of the same name in Walkerís Point, former home of A.P. Bar and Kitchen.  Mitch Ciohon, John Revord and Shay Linkus combined their culinary and mixology powers to create a fun fusion of gourmet food and carefully crafted cocktails in a hip yet tongue-in-cheek atmosphere thatís filled with insider jokes. Revord, who owns Boone & Crockett, and Ciohon, who owns TacoMoto (formerly Gypsy Taco) and BurgerMoto, are moving their restaurant operations from Bay View to riverfront access at the former Hot Water Warehouse, 818 S. Water St. These two friends had always wanted to partner with their friend, Linkus, former chef of The Vanguard. The three sat down with M Magazine to tell their ever-evolving tale.

So, how did Snack Boys happen?

Ciohon: This concept was on the back burner for a couple of years. We are friends with Justin (Anthony), who said he was trying to get out of A.P., and he wanted John and I to buy all his stuff. Then, we thought about it.  Walkerís Point is growing, and this is the perfect place for our restaurant. We had been talking with Shay a lot. We are all friends. John said ĎLetís make an offer, and letís talk to Shay about being our third partner.í We all hang out, we like to eat and have (drinks), and we donít take ourselves seriously.  We take our food and beverages seriously, and this (is a place to show our chops). Me and Shay have been chefs for 15 years, but most people know us Ė Shay as the sausage guy and me as the taco guy, but both of us have fine dining backgrounds.

Revord: We always wanted to open up a restaurant together.

Shay, what did you think about going in with Mitch and John?

Linkus: Itís about time. We were talking about a couple of other things, and this just landed on us. It was super fast. I didnít have time to think. I just had to go with it.


Tell us about some of the food and drink options.

Ciohon: The Shay Breeze Slushie is named for Shay. He likes lady drinks. Itís made with Malibu rum, pineapple, a little bit of Red Bull, and itís topped with edible glitter.

Linkus: I donít like tough guy, bartender-like drinks.  I like things like margaritas and bay breezes.

Revord: The scallops are a little slice of heaven. The bone marrow FTDL (for the dark lord) is the best in the city. We operate very much on the fly. Itís a super dynamic menu and environment.

Ciohon: The chips toodaloo is like onion dip cranked up.  It gives you the idea of French onion dip, but itís a blast off from there.  Itís got just about every kind of onion and allium in it.  It was the first item we created for the menu. The name comes from this woman. We were waiting for the buildingís owner, and this woman walks by, and we say hi. Then, when sheís about 15 feet away, she turns around and says ďChips Toodaloo,Ē and I said ďWe have to have a menu item named that.Ē

Tell us about the naked Burt Reynolds poster in the back.

Ciohon: Like a lot of things at Snack Boys, itís stuff that happens when me and John and Shay hang out.  One of us said ďLetís get a 16-foot blow-up of Burt Reynolds.Ē We all laughed about it, but the next day we were ordering it. We gather inspiration from everywhere, and absolutely, it will continue to evolve. We havenít (fixed it) yet, but we are going to do the menís room up in vintage Dolly Parton. We havenít decided on the womenís room.

Linkus: Probably Ralph Macchio.

Ciohon: Yeah, í80s heartthrobs.

Linkus: Like ďThe Outsiders.Ē  Yeah, see, we made a decision. This is how things happen.

Isnít it kind of crazy to open one new restaurant and then move your original bar to a new location?

Revord: Booneís building had just been sold. We want to let people know what they love about Boone and Crockett wonít change. It will be bigger, but it will retain that same small, cozy feel. The biggest thing is to not lose anything. Iím excited to open up Boone to a larger audience. And we will have an event space.


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