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Intimate space
Bedrooms and bath reflect our own comfort zones



Surf side

Timothy J. Benkowski and his wife, Annette Hallada, of North Prairie, feel like they’re back in Mexico every time they step into their master bath. Benkowski, who owns timothyj. kitchen & bath in Delafield, lived south of the border for six months while working on a project and was inspired by the custom swimming pools he saw there. "I did it before glass mosaic tile became real popular," he says. "I got the idea from a swimming pool in Mexico."

The glass tile is a custom blend of 52 colors that were specifically picked to give a watery feel. The tiles were made in Italy, shipped to Argentina, where they were blended, imported into Texas and then shipped to Benkowski.

The sloped shower curb, seen in the foreground, was also an idea of Benkowski’s, to mimic the curved pools found in Mexico.

When reflecting on the wave patterned soffit, Benkowski says, "I was inspired by the ocean and swimming in the ocean. So I decided to wrap the whole thing in tile, creating an undulating soft feeling."

The two faucets are also different styles, which he says is merely a personal preference for his wife and himself.

Every detail was thought out, including the ceiling. "I wanted to have a sort of infinity feeling so the ceiling just kind of went away."

The tub is curved for aesthetic and practical purposes. "Everything in there is pretty much curved that you come into contact with."

Earthy tranquility

The Rehnstroms changed their style from contemporary to Old World when they built their home on Lac La Belle.

Interior designer Brianna Zwieg of Jamie Wilke Interiors, with locations in Oconomowoc and Delafield, says the master suite is a transitional style in calming earth tones.

Zwieg kept the family Labrador and four cats in mind when designing the room by choosing fabrics that were pet-friendly and didn’t attract hair.

Cheryl says the warm and comfortable feeling along with the beautiful view of Lac La Belle is what she enjoys most about her master bedroom.

Tribal influence

The bed in the master suite set the tone for the "tribal" theme when the Weeges of Nashotah decided to remodel the room. The four posters on the bed are reeded and the back panel is a composition of bamboo in a geometric pattern, explains Carolyn Taylor of Heritage Carpet and Interiors in Hartland.

"It is a very masculine influence, but combining it with floral curtains softens the harsh, geometric edges," Taylor says.

Serenity now

Timothy and Heidi Sobczak called RCI Design/Build of Pewaukee when they decided to create a "spa room" in a portion of their basement.

Angie Westmore of RCI created a soothing space from the bubbling fountain along the wall positioned at the head of a "river" of pebbles leading to the steam/shower room.

The room is an excellent place to escape after a stressful day or unwind after a workout in the exercise area next door.