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The dish/what's new in city dining
Cafe Racer and Motor


November 2008

The buzz in the valley is a deep growl coming from bikes at the Harley-Davidson Museum. Riders show up for the tour, then stick around for a meal at one of the two side-by-side restaurants.

Cafe Racer serves fast food but itís not McDonaldís. Yes, customers order at the counter and carry their food to a table, but the similarity ends there. On the breakfast menu, Smoked Salmon Quesadillas stuffed with cream cheese, dill, onion and tomato or Seasonal Veggie Burritos with fresh fruit are healthful alternatives to fried food and a fine way for a morning preride fill-up. For a Beefy Mary with a beer chaser, customers need to dine next door or settle for a kick from Red Bull.

We found the bikers at Motor, sitting outside by the river, a gaggle of leather, jeans jackets, Harley Ts and red bandanas. "Whatís that?" I asked our server as someone walked by holding a 3-foot long wooden paddle with something pizza-like on it.

"Oh, thatís the Flathead Flatbread pizza. We even have special boxes for leftovers. Itís delicious," she said. Too bad Iíd already ordered the Loaded Cheddar Burger. With the fries that came along, two people could easily split that meal and still have leftovers. In fact, all the observed portions looked quite generous. We also liked the Oven Roasted Chicken Salad with its mix of candied walnuts, Mission figs, dried cherries, raisins, cornbread croutons and char-grilled corn, fresh from the cob.

Starters at Motor get creative with Reuben Potato Pancakes and Spokes, skewered beef or chicken with cucumber sauce. Hearty eaters can attempt the Tomahawk, a 22-ounce steak, and dessert lovers will revel in the classic Banana Split.


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