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Find your path
Entice the eyes and the feet canít help but follow


September 2008

The best way to enjoy a well-landscaped yard is to get outside and savor it. Homeowners can make it an even more unique experience by custom designing a pathway with stepping stones.

According to Josh Kaysar, outside sales representative for landscaping at Halquist Stone in Sussex, most people take their cues from any existing pathways as well as the architecture of their homes.

"People who have existing paths, such as those built around older homes, tend to go with more irregular-shaped, natural stone," he says. "But for a more formal look or with certain new construction projects, we often provide stones in consistent sizes and shapes."

Natural flagstones and steppers come in a limited but useful palette of colors.

"Our signature stones are Lannon stone, which are quarried right here in the area and are a nice complement to a Lannon stone home," says Kaysar. "It is a form of limestone, which is quite durable and doesnít break down."

Different quarries, even within the state, provide different types and colors of stones. For example, Halquist Stone also maintains quarries in Fond du Lac, central Wisconsin and Escanaba, Mich.

"Each one is a source of different colors and types of stone," he notes.

Another option for creating a custom pathway is to introduce a bit of your own personality through more artistic choices.

Grafton-based Northshore Academy of the Arts instructor Kari Slater makes custom-designed stained glass and concrete stepping stones for her clients. Handcrafted stones are just as durable and functional as naturally quarried stones, and with their flat surfaces, are easy to walk on and maintain.

"People are always looking for a color pop in their yards, and stepping stones are a great way to do it," she says. "Iíve done martini glasses, coffee themes, monograms and even stones with team mascots in them."

Slater holds licenses from select collegiate sports teams in the state, though she admits her top request is one that hits closer to home.

"My most requested? Thatís an easy one," says the Cedarburg resident. "Everybody wants a Cedarburg High School Bulldogs stepping stone for their yard."


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