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1940s cocktail jewelry inspired the design of this Flower Gem mirror from Christopher Guy. Shown with beveled glass in Renaissance Gold finish. $2,811. Swan Interiors.

The design world has fallen in love with mirrors. Look through any home magazine these days and itís hard to find a room without one. Mirrors arenít just for the bedroom and foyer anymore ó theyíre even hanging around in kitchens and laundry areas.

Because they reflect light, mirrors open up a room. But Sarah Steltenpohl, an interior designer with Swan Interiors in Wauwatosa, feels mirrors actually go a step further. "What I like about mirrors is that you are creating your own artwork. Youíre making a personal statement. Mirrors are always changing because they reflect your movement, your personality. They look different at different times of the day, too. Reflections keep changing and keep giving back to you."

Designs options are limitless, and stylish selections are being seen everywhere from bigbox retailers to high-end boutiques.

Amy Carman of Amy Carman Design in Milwaukee shares a few tips regarding mirrors: "Rather than using a basic rectangular mirror above a sink, consider something with an interesting shape or stylish frame. Because a mirror hangs at eye level, it will be one of the first things people notice when they walk in the room. Select a style that reinforces the character of the room.

"If you have an important piece of artwork on display, but still need to fill some empty wall space, a mirror is a great way to add visual impact without detracting from the piece." m