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Winter time means stew time 01-25-16
There is a simple seasonal-culinary formula for this time of year.
Winter = stew. When days are cold and nights are long, there is nothing more warming and satisfying than a steaming hot bowl of stew. Or two. It makes everything seem right with the world.
How to get hash browns perfectly crispy 01-25-16
One thing Iíve said exactly 6 gajillion and 11 times is, there are more bad examples of food out there than there are good examples. Todayís topic, hash browns, is no exception. 
Winter chill? Itís time to fire up the grill 01-18-16
The weather is a little chilly, the sky more dull shades of gray than bright blue, and itís actually raining again, thanks to El Nino.
Itís easy being green in the winter thanks to kale, collards, spinach 01-18-16
Winterís chill brings on a craving for food that is filling. Nutritious greens fill that niche nicely. You can get your vegetable fix from hardy winter varieties like collards, mustard greens, spinach, Brussels sprouts and, yes, kale.
Now itís time for salads 01-11-16
Well, that was fun while it lasted.
The cakes, the cookies, the candy canes and champagne ó theyíre all increasingly fleeting memories. Now itís time to get down to the nitty gritty. Now itís time for salads.
Lighten up with creamy, dreamy desserts 01-11-16
If you have been binging on rich and creamy desserts for the past month and cannot suppress your sweet-tooth cravings, at least cut the fat some.
Low-fat desserts donít have to be all meh, and can be creamy, too. 
In Season: Brussels sprouts, winterís star vegetable 01-04-16
SACRAMENTO, Calif. ó These little green power balls are on a roll.
Renowned for their nutrition as well as their sweet, nutty flavor, Brussels sprouts seem to be popping up all over restaurant menus, and their popularity is extending as well to home kitchens, thanks to innovative packaging and marketing.
How to make light, fluffy gnocchi 01-04-16
As our thoughts turn once again to starchy sides ó as they are wont to do ó canít we for once have some dadblasted gnocchi?
Pop! Goes the celebration: Champagne cocktails for New Yearís Eve 12-28-15
When Victor and Ilsa stride into Rickís Cafe Americain in "Casablanca," they do not order a drink with paper umbrellas or a vaguely dirty name. They donít order an artisanal creation made from some obscure Estonian liqueur and acorns.
New Yearís recipes: Indulgent jambalaya, then penitent beans and rice 12-28-15
As 2015 ends, Iím thinking of this yearís loss of chef Paul Prudhomme, one of this countryís most welcoming chefs and supreme master of highly seasoned food. More than three decades ago, Prudhomme taught us to embrace bold flavors and to cook with generosity.
Pair cheeses with beer, whiskey or wine for your holiday party 12-21-15
Holiday happy hour: Easy appetizers for your holiday party table 12-21-15
Cookie Corner: Buttery ribbon treats inspire creativity with festive flavors 12-21-15
Gingerbread construction zone 12-14-15
Time for a French (toast) twist 12-07-15
Elegant cookie recipes for the holidays 12-07-15
Hereís a few ideas for those Thanksgiving leftovers 11-30-15
Thanksgiving side: A hearty mash of potatoes and root vegetables 11-23-15
An all-purpose sauce covers all 11-23-15
Make a meal Ö in a toaster oven 11-16-15
Convert a dump cake into something special for the holiday 11-16-15
Thanksgiving vegetable sides you can cook days ahead  11-09-15
Make your holiday potatoes pop 
Grateful for the grill on Thanksgiving 11-09-15
Fallís here, and the soup is on 11-02-15
Make-ahead egg recipes: Bring them to work; never scramble for lunch again 11-02-15
Halloween cocktails, snacks for a night of fright 10-26-15
Donít chicken out on the duck 10-26-15
How about them apples? Recipes for fallís perfect fruit 10-19-15
Raising the bar on bar cookies 10-12-15
Smoke, spices, herbs up the ante with grilled vegetables 10-05-15
Fall is the time for apples 10-05-15
When it comes to tailgate parties, get your head in the game 09-28-15


A stance on seafood
Itís no secret that seafood is generally a healthier, more nutrient-dense alternative to red meat. "In general, seafood tends to be lower in saturated fat than red meat. It also contains omega-3 fatty acids, which help to decrease inflammation," explains Michelle Black, a registered dietician with Oconomowoc-based NuGenesis.
Natural Vino
For 39-year-old Andrew Carini, wine is in his blood. Four years after relocating to California to work in the restaurant industry, the Port Washington native started Carini Wine in 2000. Today, the self-taught winemaker sells his wines for $50 to $75 per bottle.
Which wine are you?
Sommelier Jessica Bell pairs wines with personality types. See if you can find yourself a bottle or pick up one for a good friend.
A fresh take on an age-old cocktail
Order an old-fashioned in every part of the country except Wisconsin, and what youíll get is a variation of what was once called "the whiskey cocktail." Back in the 19th century, bartenders mixed this simple drink with whiskey, bitters, sugar and water, and maybe added a lemon peel as garnish. 
Wine and Dine
An annual event expected to draw up to 7,000 attendees this year, the Kohler Food and Wine Experience returns for its 15th year, set to occur Oct. 22 to 25 in Kohler, Wis.
Berry Burst
There are certain dishes worth indulging in, and the berries, bananas and cream crepe at Story Hill BKC is one of them.

A salsa solution
In 2011, Angela Moragne, a lifelong Milwaukee resident, found herself in the most unwelcome of situations ó her employer, a nonprofit housing development, announced it was shutting its doors, and she was left unemployed. 

Still success
Ten years ago, Guy Rehorst took a big chance when he opened up Great Lakes Distillery, the first distillery to open in the state of Wisconsin since Prohibition. His experiment was a great success, and now there are more than 50 distilleries across the state.
The significance of stemware
Once a year, Lorelei Mustas tries an experiment with her customers at Vina Mundi in Genesee Depot. She takes one of her stellar wines and then pours it into four different glasses ó a nice, vintage appropriate glass, "a crummy, old, icky grammaís glass with a thick, rolled lip on it," a water glass and a plastic cup. 
Say it with Sangria
Sangria. Itís the ultimate party punch and patio pounder. In Spain, tourists drink sangria at bars while Spaniards drink it only at home and at parties. A good sangria starts with a good wine and fresh fruit, then other liqueurs and spirits are added, along with sugar.
Perfect Pimento
When Martha Davis Kipcak moved to Wisconsin in 1998, she scoured Milwaukee grocery stores in search of her favorite snack. But her efforts were to no avail ó there was simply no pimento cheese anywhere.
A skill worth learning
Alamelu Vairavan is the kind of person who greets you with a hug, not a handshake. I arrived at her home in Whitefish Bay on a sunny December morning and was welcomed inside with a warm smile and gentle embrace.
Hittin' the Hard Cider
Whatís the fastest growing alcoholic beverage category? Craft beer? Boutique wines? Artisan cocktails?
The perfect pairing
Thereís an almost magical element to wine dinners done right. You take a sip of wine, and then you take a bite of food, and then you taste them together. Trying them separately, they are delicious, but when tasted together, they become sublime.
Beer brothers
Four brothers of German and Irish descent starting a craft beer business? Itís really not too much of a stretch, they say. "No ancestors that we know of are brewers, but beer drinking is in our bloodline," says Jimmy Gohsman, 28, who acts as brewmaster for the new 4 Brothers Blended Beer Co. in Waukesha.
Feed your soul
"My Grandma Engelís German Potato Torte. I asked for the recipe once, and she refused; she only gave recipes to her daughters. My aunt gave it to me, so I make it every now and again, and it reminds me where I come from. There is nothing better than food made by and shared with family and friends."

Holiday cookies with twist

No more gingerbread men! The Gingerbread Drop gives you the warm, spicy gingerbread cookie taste in a soft cookie that has lots of depth and texture. The unexpected taste of the cream cheese frosting and peppermint will make folks wonder why anyone would go to the effort of making those gingerbread men ever again. 

Wisconsin coast to coast
People in other parts of the country are discovering what Wisconsinites have known all along ó a friendly demeanor and the liberal use of cheese is an almost guaranteed recipe for success.
Great wines for any budget
If youíre looking for a special wine for a big celebration or just a bottle of red to go with take-out pizza, local wine pros have got you covered. Here are their picks for their favorite high-end wines as well as their go-to vino thatís priced right.
Flavor faves
When selecting cheeses for entertaining, Patty Peterson of Larryís Market in Brown Deer has three simple tips: Limit the selection to three to five cheeses with a good balance of flavors, textures, colors, shapes and sizes.
Rise of the south
New restaurants, a new menu and a new brew pub: Whatís not to love about Milwaukeeís South Side? This month the culinary place to be is trending south.

Farwell Avenue

Farwell Avenue is an East Side iconic destination where people congregate for food, fun and libations in a blend of historic locales and new businesses.

KASANA, Carlisle and Sprecher take root
The new dinner service at the Bossa Nova dining room of KASANA Cafť is filled with culinary delights ó from a savory burger, enhanced by dates and topped with blue cheese; to chicken vatava, a Brazilian creamy casserole made with coconut milk and onions; to Xingu Brazilian beer, a black beer thatís light and slightly sweet; to a creamy, to a mousse-like dark chocolate dessert thatís made with no sugar yet tastes as decadent as can be.

Cider rising
Bob Purman couldnít get the crisp, clean taste of hard, French cider out of his mind after he and his wife, Yannique, visited France. In fact, it was a series of French vacations that led these two Milwaukeeans to start their Door County cider orchard and tasting room.

Bay view
Park your bike on Alterra Bay View Cafť & Bakeryís vertical rack, find a place on the patio and grab an iced chai. At one of Bay Viewís busiest corners, thereís plenty of people-watching to do. 2301 S. Kinnickinnic Ave., (414) 744-6117,

Wine, Cakes and Spirits
"Hot time, summer in the city, back of my neck getting burnt and grittyÖ  "Cool town, evening in the city, looking so fine and looking so pretty." Lovin Spoonful, Iím sure, wasnít thinking about Milwaukeeís summer dining and drinking options, but boy, are these new options pretty and fine.

The wheat-free lifestyle
Wheat is the culprit in weight gain, heart disease, diabetes and a host of other maladies, according to Dr. William Davis, a local interventional cardiologist. His book, "Wheat Belly," laid out the argument for a wheat-free lifestyle; it became a No. 1 bestseller on the New York Times list in 2012 and spent nearly a year on the list.

Beer gardens
Thereís no better place to be than Milwaukee in summer, when beer, food, music and fun are served up under the sun and stars at the cityís signature beer gardens. Itís a German tradition with a few new twists, so raise a mug and Prosit!

Third Ward
Plan on heading to a festival this summer? Spend some time in the Third Ward before or after for a unique shopping and dining experience.

BBQ, Bier, BelAir and The Bay

Flowers have blushed into full bloom, wet and snowy days have long since melted into memories, and Milwaukeeans, emerged from hibernation, seek all things sun. Patio season is finally here, and this yearís arrival comes with exciting new outdoor dining and drinking options.

Farmers Markets
Old Man Winter has finally taken the snow back to his chilly man cave. Now is the time for daffodils, with lettuce and Swiss chard not far behind. Fresh produce and cut flower fans eagerly anticipate the pending growing season, with the value-added factor of sociability at farmers markets. 

Cruisin' for cuisine
Hop on board the bus for culinary adventures ó and leave the driving to Milwaukee Food Tours. Theresa Nemetz and husband Wade will ensure a good time, grand fun and an exciting peek into the cityís history, all rolled into one jolly excursion.

The Milwaukee Pantry

Milwaukeeans love their food and drink during the holidays. A well-stocked pantry in preparation for the party season should include a goodly supply of the following locally produced goodies.

Wheel of fortune

It began with a cheese curds conundrum. Bob Wills, owner of Cedar Grove Cheese in Plain, Wis., struggled to deliver fresh curds ó so fresh, they squeak ó to Milwaukee retailers by early afternoon each day. The 240-mile round trip posed a challenge.

Sweet stuff
For the sweet-toothed person in your life, a sugar-coated treat with Milwaukee-area ties is the perfect gift for the holidays.

The art of food
Remember that chocolate bar you adored as a child? First introduced by the Hershey Co. in 1978, itís comprised of peanut-flavored crisps with layers of milk chocolate and peanut butter. c.1880, a less-than-year-old restaurant in Walkerís Point, has gone to town on deconstructing its caramel, peanut and chocolate ingredients. 

Wine city
In Milwaukee, where 19th century beer barons like Joseph Schlitz and Capt. Frederick Pabst put Brew City on the map as a drinking town, wine has at last caught up. Wine bars are sprinkled throughout neighborhoods from Bay View to Brookfield.

Giving thanks, Wisconsin style
Mark the national holiday and celebrate our Wisconsin bounty by cooking a Thanksgiving dinner made almost entirely from local ingredients.

The dish/What's new in city dining
At Mozzaluna, the Margherita, the classic Italian pizza made with tomato sauce, mozzarella, basil, olive oil and oregano, comes in one size, medium.

Design course

Three new Walkerís Point eateries embrace late-1800s dťcor with cutting-edge design that relies upon craftsmanship using mostly salvaged materials. Flashy, showy accents akin to many urban dining rooms are discarded in favor of a cozy ambiance thatís in perfect pitch with its farm-to-table approach.

Cheese at its best
Sometimes you feel like merely dining from a small plate with an accompanying wine. Combine delicious meats, a touch of cheese and a good pour. What more does one need on an almost-spring eve?

Out of the zone
Sometimes, to get out of a rut, you have to think outside of the plate and detour from familiar foods. Two years ago, TIME Magazine coined the phrase "discomfort dining" to describe it, and a new adventurous approach to eating out.

Food for thought
The seasonís open houses, potlucks and parties are the perfect excuse for home cooks to challenge themselves with new recipes, exotic ingredients and savvy techniques. What better place to acquire these skills than from the master, a chef?

The dish on dining
Milwaukeeís restaurant scene is always in a flux, whether due to the economy, desire for something new or to update with the times. So whatís happening these days in the local world of pots and pans?

Soupe du Jour
What can be said about French onion soup that hasnít been said before? Well, lots. Especially since versions of this great dish have been around since the ancient Romans, so there is always more to add to the story. The soup started humbly, because onions were easy to grow and subsequently plentiful in the good old days.



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