Clutch situation
The season's most versatile accessory, perfectly paired for any occasion.




People of style
You see them at cocktail parties, at work, on the street — even in the grocery store.

Opposites attract
From boho chic, modern classics and street smart to bright hues, prints and neutrals, a range of trends converge this summer in a seasonal melting pot of style.

Spring forward
Add a little color to your spring-time style - from head to

Desperate housewives
Is there any such thing as the "perfect" spouse? In the 1972 novel "The Stepford Wives" author Ira Levin created a world in which husbands turned robots into their dream housewives.

Haute hues
Integrate a dash of color - be it bold or subtle - into your wedding-day style.

Luxe redux
Sensuous fabrics, splendid accessories warm up winter fashion.

Chic coverings
What’s out is in this fall, courtesy of fashionable jackets, vests, sweaters and accessories.

Night brights
Sparkle and shine in party-perfect cocktail dresses for fall.

Fall forecast
Classic pieces, neutral shades usher in autumn fashion.

Local interest
Milwaukee fashion designers add style to the city.
Pretty simple
Six fun and flirty summer frocks with all the trimmings.

Detail oriented

Summer fashion shines bright through elegant fabrics, sparkling embellishments and bold accessories.

The hot list
5 must-haves for scorching summer style.

What lies beneath

Sweet and sexy lingerie looks are sheer perfection.

I feel pretty

The newest face in makeup often comes with a bit of a unibrow and a five o’clock shadow. But this is a face you won’t see lurking in the drugstore or the cosmetics counter. In fact, most men are discovering makeup quite by accident.

Beauty globetrotters
Some of fashion and beauty’s brightest trendsetters travel the world to work with celebrities, put their own stamp on style and produce star-studded events. And when they come home, you’ll find them right here in our own back yard.


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