7 Marathons, Days, Continents
"Iím not a runner,Ē Mitch Moser claims, despite the fact that this local attorney recently completed a grueling series of marathons. As a member of Team Hold the Plane, Moser joined 15 runners for the World Marathon Challenge: seven marathons on seven continents in seven days.

Dancing on the ceiling
Iím hanging upside down in a blue yoga hammock, and Iím in a bit of a conundrum. Not just because the fabric has my legs and wrists bound in such a way as to force challenging, spine-lengthening positions, but because I thought that this ó an hour-long aerial yoga class at ZenZen Yoga Arts ó was going to be easy.
Biking for baseball
As a high school student in Wisconsin Rapids, Matt Stoltz volunteered in a program that mentored young children. "It was cool to see the impact we had on the kids," Stoltz recalls. "They were more attentive in class. It really helped them."
Sporty Spas
Located on the Milwaukee River, INVIVO is a fitness spa that provides a sense of balance and tranquility. For INVIVO therapists, "good health stems from balancing the physical, mental and energetic systems of the body because of the integrated model of care," conveys Julie Rabinowitz, marketing director.
Just keep pedaling
Fat biking ó biking in the snow or sand ó has grown in popularity over the past few years as cycling awareness as a whole has grown, stemming from the cost effectiveness and the exercise that biking provides. 
Embrace your inner self
There is nothing quite like breaking you out of your comfort zone than finding yourself prancing around a studio, fluttering your fingers, being told to embrace your "inner butterfly."
Learning to move
Lisa McNeil had spent much of her professional life keeping the books for several small businesses, but seven years ago the numbers for her career path suddenly didnít add up.
Climbing for a cause
When your list of physical achievements includes running a 50-mile race, completing the New York City Marathon and trekking to Everest Base Camp, the next logical question is ... whatís next? 
Elite endurance
If you donít think Dave Haase is at least a little bit nuts, he figures heís not trying hard enough. "Thatís how I function," Haase says. "When I look at something, I wonder, ĎIs that crazy enough?í"
Wellness in the workplace
Conceived to help control rising health care costs and curtail lost work productivity, workplace wellness programs today have evolved to address more than just exercise and healthy food choices.
Run, Jen, Run
While a recent medical article suggests running may not increase oneís chances of developing knee arthritis and may even help prevent the disease, two local physicians offer reasons to challenge and support the findings.
Walking the white carpet
My attempts to ice skate resulted in splayed ankles and bewildered looks from other skaters effortlessly cruising around the rink.
Fall hiking trails
Itís true that Wisconsin summers are all too fleeting, but what comes next ó those weeks filled with crisp autumn air and vibrant colors ó is worth celebrating. 
Up to tempo
If you missed out on the running boom of the 1970s, you can still be a trend-setter. The sport is exploding in popularity once again.
Buddy system
Having a workout partner is a great way to stay on track to meet your goals. "If you know that somebody is coming to your house and says, ĎLetís go,í thatís the biggest thing," says Alex Shapsis, fitness director at Elite Sports Clubs in Mequon and Glendale. "Otherwise, itís easy to lose your motivation."

Fighting naturally
Autoimmune diseases like multiple sclerosis and lupus often rob people of their independence and compromise their quality of life.
Fusion fitness
Youíve decided youíre ready to get into better shape. But while your mind is willing, sometimes, your body is not able.

Fit city
With its plentiful parks, beaches and recreational trails along the Lake Michigan shoreline, Milwaukee is not lacking in community outlets for physical activity. But, Milwaukeeans also love their beer, brats, cheese and cream puffs, as evidenced by a rise in chronic health conditions like diabetes and obesity.

The unlikely pilgrimage of Patrick Reilly
Planes, trains and automobiles ó who needs íem? For some people, a pair of running shoes or a bicycle is what it takes to see America.

Mind-body connection
For yoga and mind-body instructor Todd Dybul of Mequon, yoga has become much more than "letís get together and do some poses."

Head of the class
Celebrity trainer Lacey Stone has been called a human exclamation point, which is an accurate description, provided the exclamation point is ripped, charismatic, positive and bursting with never-ending stores of energy.

November fun runs
The weather may be turning colder, but weíre Wisconsinites! This month donít turn a cold shoulder to these fun-themed fundraising events, and run, walk or trot your way to the finish line for a worthy cause.

Rebounding to health
It burns more calories than running, strengthens the bodyís core and posture and has been hailed by some as the perfect workout. Cardiolates combines jumping, or "rebounding" on a mini-trampoline with a Pilates routine.

Feel the Beat
Runners and researchers agree thereís a connection between a good sweat and a good song. Listening to music can create a "rhythm response," such as tapping your toes. During a workout or race, it can regulate your pace, take your mind off any pain and remind you of happy memories.

Flying high
When shopping for a house, most people are concerned with location, square footage, and exterior and interior amenities. But Stafford Kramer is not most people. When he moved his family to Muskego, his biggest priority was hang time.

The road to worlds
Milwaukee will be in the spotlight of the triathlon world this summer when the top amateurs in the nation will be running, swimming and biking in and around Lake Michigan.
Roll to Build Strength
After a workout, lots of athletes prop their tired legs on foam cylinders and roll away to release lactic acid and increase blood flow. Itís a great way to loosen up tissue and prevent soreness.

Worn out
Training day or race day, you canít perform at your best if your gear is shot. So before you head out on the road, make sure your equipment hasnít already seen too many miles.

Workout at TITLE Boxing Club packs a punch
BROOKFIELD - The atmosphere of TITLE Boxing Club makes you feel like Muhammad Ali could walk through the doors, but the purpose of the new fitness gym is to get people into shape without fighting or feeling intimidated.

The power of personality
Ever wondered why well-intentioned fitness resolutions fall flat by mid-March? Maybe itís because your workout regimen doesnít match your "fitness personality." 

CrossFit Waukesha offers new, challenging workout 11-01-2012
WAUKESHA - Ryan Maloney saw a huge void in Waukeshaís fitness community, one that could only be filled with a massive tire to be flipped over.

A new balance
Yoga is not just for the mat anymore. Downward dog and warrior poses take on a new twist as local yoga studios are taking to the air when it comes to performing the ancient discipline.

Mission possible
Looking to burn some serious calories? Join the boot camp craze sweeping Milwaukee. These military-inspired workouts pack a powerful punch ó and major fun.

Next lap
Leave it to Ashley Kumlein to think long range. Following her six-month, 3,230-mile run across America last summer, Kumleinís MS Run, the US Foundation plans to organize a cross-country relay in 2012. "Years and years down the road, it could be one of those million-dollar fundraisers," says Kumlein, 26, who lives in Brookfield.

Fighting back
Like many women, Jane Dawson thought wrestling around as a kid with her brothers had toughened her up. She learned otherwise when she was assaulted several years ago.

Strike a pose
Why practice yoga? The better question is, "Why not?" "Yoga is like taking daily vitamins. Itís not about fitness, itís for health," says Bron Gacki, owner of Bikram Yoga Milwaukee.

Marty Auchter was your average overweight, under-exercised, cigarette smoking, visit-the-bar-a-bit-too-often type of guy. The Cedarburg resident had been too busy over the years ó college, a law degree from Marquette University, the tax dire

Digging deep
The yoga roots run deep in Meg Galarzaís life. It just took a little time and digging to rediscover them.
Mix it up
Trainers often suggest that one of the best methods for sticking with a regular workout is to keep things interesting. From trying a new class to incorporating fresh approaches into a personal training regime, the start of the new year is a great time to change things up. Here are a few new activities to check out for 2010.

Magic numbers
To Dr. Mark Blake, weight is just a number on a scale. "Weight is not all-meaning," he says. Body fat percentage, cholesterol levels and body mass index are much more important numbers, he says.

Never say quit
Cristin Van Driel was cycling in July of 2000 when a 16-year-old driver hit her at 55 mph. When the teen took her eyes off the road to change a CD, Van Driel was thrown 30 to 40 feet and landed on the carís windshield.

The measure of success
In todayís hustle-bustle world it can seem impossible to squeeze in a 30-minute run, let alone earn a black belt in tae kwon do, compete in an Ironman Triathlon or drop more than 50 pounds. Some regular Milwaukeeans have done just that, proving it doesnít take an Olympic athlete to achieve fitness success.

Fit for life
Itís February. Do you know where your health and fitness goals are? You made a plan over the holidays to start with a clean slate in 2009, and integrate healthy eating, exercise and wellness into your daily life. Did it happen?

The long run
When Jackie Kaminski was growing up in Nebraska, the second youngest of eight children, she felt lost in the shuffle sometimes ó especially during her preteen years.

Home 'Work'
Itís great to work out at the gym ó if you can make the time for it and access the equipment you want while youíre there. In fact, time constraints and packed health clubs are both primary reasons why more people are choosing to install a fitness room at home.

Find your passion
Becoming that lean, mean fighting machine is all about dedication and hard work. But thereís a lot of people out there who just want to live a little healthier, lose a few pounds and tone up. Maybe entering the fitness facility for you is on the same level as walking into the dentistís office to have a tooth extracted.

Work it out
Every week, employees at M&I Bankís downtown office can take a yoga class or attend a Weight Watchers meeting on-site.

Hit it at home: Quick 15-minute workouts
Some days, getting to the gym seems like more effort than actually working out itself. But most of us can find the time to fit a 15-minute mini-workout into our days.

Top of your game

After 15 years as a professional soccer player, Marcelo Fontana has figured out a lot more than just how to kick the ball into the net. "If you set a goal," says the Milwaukee Wave midfielder, "you have to do everything you can to achieve it. If you donít reach it, at least you did all you could.

Cool pool workouts
Whether youíre coming to exercise after an injury, starting your fitness journey, or simply looking for something new to do, it might just be time to slip on that swimming suit and try an aquatic option on for size.

Laughing your way to good health
During the 1960s, Norman Cousins, the former editor of the Saturday Review magazine, was diagnosed with a progressive degenerative disease. In his book, "Anatomy of an Illness," he describes how he helped to cure himself using massive doses of laughter.


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