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Shelter from the mold
Drive through the Tree Tops subdivision of Germantown and you’ll see a unique 2,600 square foot ranch house built by Shawn Mitchell. Like other new houses in the area, it’s attractive, yet it significantly differs from the others. How and why? Mitchell, who runs Victory Homes, says it’s not your father’s conventional wood frame home. 

Team Royce
If you’ve heard the expression "they just don’t build things like they used to," Paul Royce wants you to know it doesn’t apply to everything. Royce is a homebuilder and developer with Red Maple Real Estate. His wife, Chris, is a former R.N. who took up architectural design when the family relocated from Chris’ native New Zealand. Together, they put together their best work in their Mequon home.

Building small
A house is a house is a house. Yet sometimes, a house is more special than just that, deserving to be featured in a book. Even the "lowly" bungalow can have its place in the publishing sun.

Habitat hits home
There are numerous families across the country — and even in Ozaukee County — for whom life is a daily struggle. They’re working hard, but just can’t seem to get ahead. The American dream of a clean, functioning home of their own seems to be out of their reach. Those are the families for whom Habitat for Humanity seeks to turn dreams into reality.

Building the 'Unbuildable'
"Unbuildable." That’s the term most professionals used to describe the hillside lot across the road from the former home of Gail and Gary Reynolds. Fortunately, the Reynolds didn’t believe them. Neither did Brookfield builder Bill Klapperich.

A timeless treasure
It may be true that there is no place like home, but Ozís young Dorothy would have had to click those ruby slippers many more times to drop into a domicile like this one. Designed in 1997 by Waukesha commercial builder Jim Marriott in collaboration with architect Bruce Jackson, it seems safe to say that there is no place like this home.

Built to bedazzle!

For this special section on New & Custom Homes, we sent Northshore LifeStyle photographer Doug Edmunds to snap some of our most spectacular spaces.

Every nook and cranny

Barry R. Mandel, a 47-year-old entrepreneur, has been called "Mr. Downtown" and is considered a "pioneer" developer in Milwaukee’s downtown housing market.

Rustic splendor

Set all your preconceived ideas about log home living aside. Today’s options range from rangeland rustics to sparkling contemporaries and area log homeowners can’t say enough about how great it is to be living in a dream.

Our house

Just about any homeowner will tell you the right house is not only the most important investment you’ll ever make, but also a matter of very personal taste. But with the market values and resulting prices of pre-built homes as high as they’ve been over the last few years, more and more people have been looking at the option of building their own home these days in an effort to get exactly what they want for their housing dollar.

Building the better house

Quick! What do you and Ben Franklin have in common? The answer? Both of your homes were probably built the same way. For 200 years, the basic method of assembling a home, piece by piece and nail by nail, hasn’t changed much. But it’s starting to. As home builders struggle to provide quality homes at a reasonable price, the home building industry is slowly evolving to meet the consumers’ demands of the 21st century.

Built to suit

From first-time home buyers to relocating buyers to empty-nesters building the house of their dreams, the concerns, wants, demands and expectations of a home buyer vary greatly depending on what sort of home buyer they are. Nobody knows these differences more acutely than the architects and builders who deal with a broad spectrum of buyers on a regular basis.

Love the locale; hate the house?

In some locales, it’s not all that unusual to demolish an existing house to build a bigger one on the same lot. On the Northshore, lot sizes and home prices all but eliminate the teardown option.

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