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Bold bathrooms
In remodeling Stephen and Roberta Isaacson’s Fox Point master bathroom, Nancy Miller of Form and Function Inc. faced a challenge in designing a luxurious space for her clients while catering to the room’s dual purpose as a powder room for guests.

Bye bye bland walls
Do you have a space in your home that’s crying out for attention? Dreary walls that are in desperate need of excitement? Worn-out rooms that badly need a shot of energy? Consider these eight ideas that can take your space from bland to grand.

Memory enhancement
George Eastman’s invention of film in 1884 led to the development of the modern camera. But Eastman’s discovery also created a dilemma for future generations — what to do with all those family photos cluttering up attics, basements or hall closets. It’s the rare individual who doesn’t have boxes of candids, graduation portraits and historic family photos hidden away, sight unseen.

Mural, mural on the wall
Murals, in their various forms, make political statements, tell a story or simply liven up a previously bland space. Each of these three diverse projects from around the Milwaukee area has a story to tell.

Pump it up
Spring is here, but how fresh is your home feeling on the inside? 

Interior intervention
If you avoid common mistakes, decorating your home can and should be a joyous, fulfilling experience, according to four area interior decorators.

Empty nest
When the kids finally move out of the house, it can be a difficult time for moms and dads who must get used to the sudden lack of activity. Emotions can run the gamut from the blues to a newfound feeling of freedom. What some parents choose to do with that freedom has created a market for home remodeling firms and decorators.

Romancing the stone
When Deb Guerrera purchased this Fox Point home, the master bath had no "bath" at all, she says. A Calcutta marble subway tile lines the shower walls and the tub surround; a solid Calcutta marble slab is used on the tub deck.

Powder rooms with punch
Powder rooms come by their name honestly. Once a spot for servants to add talcum powder to a gentleman’s wig, today’s powder rooms offer guests style, relief and, if done well, inspiration.

Baths and beyond
William Pape wanted to create a larger master bath befitting the architecture of his home, and with the help of Phil Nuelk of Philip’s Construction and Rory Palubiski of Fein Design LLC, he now has a sumptuous bathroom oasis.

Fresh tablescapes
The cooler months reveal a trend away from the more traditional colors and styles in tableware. Dishes and linens imported from Europe are just the thing to dress up your table for the holidays. The sparkle and warmth are still there, but the colors and the fabrics are new and exciting, Milwaukee area design professionals say.

Small space style
For many, a Christmas tree represents some of the fondest memories of the holiday season.`

Form and function
Is your dining room untouchable? Are all children and pets banned? Sadly, the dining room is often the least used room in the house unless you’re having a formal dinner party. On the other hand, some homes don’t have an elegant place to dine even when the occasion calls for it.

Combat clutter
You know the neighbor or friend that ignites the fires of envy in you. It’s really not the person with the most expensive car or the fantastic wardrobe, or even the honor student.
In the mood
When you’re blue or bored, a little thing like lunch with a friend can lift your spirits. Little things can also go a long way to lift the mood of a boring or humdrum space in your home, making a major statement without a major cash outpouring. Here are 12 examples from local design experts that are sure to inspire you.

Finishing touches
The kitchen can be a great place to let your creativity pop. The trick is to not let your personal style overwhelm the space. Choose focal points and let the other finishes enhance, not compete, with your choices.

Vintage refined
Jon Schlagenhaft of Jon Schlagenhaft Design incorporated his client’s ’40s, ’50s and ’60s vintage furniture into a new condo nestled into the Mequon countryside. The home has a spacious floor plan, yet has the appeal of a modern, cozy cottage. 

Kitchen connection
The home of Mark and Jacqueline Gold looks like a typical two-story Colonial from the outside, but a renovation project by RCI — Remodeling Center Inc., has updated the interior layout of the 1978-built house.

Night lights
A bedroom should be a soothing, comforting space where you can leave the stresses of the day behind. Lighting plays a major role in setting the feeling of a room, so it is important to choose lighting conducive to a peaceful setting.

Naturally perfect
A piece of handmade furniture purchased today can become a family heirloom in years to come. A table, chest or chair built by a craftsman truly is a beautiful yet functional piece of art.

Bath and kitchen improvements boost room appeal
An updated kitchen or bathroom can provide a big payoff when you sell your house — not to mention the benefits while you’re still living there. 

Closet craze
Smartly designed closets are at the heart of every well-organized home. More homeowners are designing their closet space for multitasking. And with that smart design comes finishes that look as beautiful as what is on the other side of that closet door.

New and improved
An updated kitchen or bathroom can provide a big payoff when you sell your house — not to mention the benefits while you’re still living there. There’s a wide range of possible improvements, from simple to extravagant, but it makes sense to spend your money on items that work best for your lifestyle and your budget.

5 things we love about this bathroom
We asked three Milwaukee-area designers for their opinions on this bathroom by Loren Imhoff Homebuilder that was featured in the 2005 Madison Area Builders Association Parade of Homes.

Intimate space
Timothy J. Benkowski and his wife, Annette Hallada, of North Prairie, feel like they’re back in Mexico every time they step into their master bath. Benkowski, who owns timothyj. kitchen & bath in Delafield, lived south of the border for six months while working on a project and was inspired by the custom swimming pools he saw there. "I did it before glass mosaic tile became real popular," he says. "I got the idea from a swimming pool in Mexico."

Posh powder rooms
Patricia Hoben and Charles Carter called upon Jim Grote of Cream City Construction to complete a total remodel of the master bathroom in their 1928 French eclectic manor house. Instead of creating one large room, the design maintained a multiple room layout to stay within the context of the home while creating a simulated spa experience.

Gathering places
Tim and Liz Kohler knew that remodeling the kitchen of their 1929 Shorewood home would make the home more functional.

Simmer in style
Dan and Tracey Cowell did a massive renovation project after purchasing their Brookfield home. Walls were removed to open the kitchen into the dining and living rooms.
Double vision
Patricia Hoben and Charles Carter wanted to breathe new life into their kitchen. They wanted a more functional, family friendly space that complemented the French eclectic manor style of their home. In order to achieve this eclectic style, the couple worked with Cream City Construction to combine areas of elegance and grandeur with touches of comfort and French country.

Home 'suite' home
Once thought of as that first step to finding a "real home," condominiums are competing for home buyers who no longer consider them a stepping stone to buying the proverbial house with a yard and a white picket fence.

A fresh solution
Your kitchen is looking a bit tired and you’d love to wake it up, but you don’t want to do a complete overhaul. What are your options? According to the experts, the key to giving your kitchen a brand new look without tearing down walls is to enhance the aesthetic or visual elements.

Sticker shock
Judy Pemberton knows just about everything about condos. She’s lived in them and she sells them. So her words — or mantra — for potential condo buyers is worth some attention. Her instructions are simple: get involved, do your research.

A kid's kingdom
Kevin and Jill Mattson’s children can burn off plenty of energy while improving their game in their indoor basketball court in their Hartland home.

The white elephant
Great Aunt Gladys’ generosity is bountiful. You have inherited a lovely (in her opinion) armoire and she can’t wait to see it in your home.

Sleeping beauty
Once upon a time, there was a little girl named Morgan Kern.

Design for the ages
John and Kris Worthington’s family includes two young daughters with very different personalities. Abby, 6, loves animals, and Kelly, 8, likes more girly things.

My space
Decorating your child’s bedroom is often a game of chance — polka dots or stripes, purple or blue. Chances are, parent and child are bound to disagree. Interior design experts say the focus in the beginning stages of decorating a child’s room shouldn’t focus on color schemes at all, but rather on space and function.

R(attical) spaces
Once dusty, musty and full of creepy crawlies, attics were considered the stuff of horror movies and nightmares. Sometimes they were viewed in a more benign way, as a spot to hunt for buried treasure, things like old uniforms, long-forgotten photograph albums and memories of days gone by.

Is there an elephant in the room?
Great Aunt Gladys’ generosity is bountiful. You have inherited a lovely (in her opinion) armoire and she can’t wait to see it in your home. Yikes! What can you do with that "white elephant" and still have some sense of style in your house?

Office space
With more and more people working from home, how can you create a balance between the professionalism of the downtown office building and the casual nature of the home office? Libby Castro of Interior Investments and Mark Larson of Kahler Slater found inspiration in a tailored suit for the design of the Breast Cancer Showhouse office. The timeless lines of classic office furniture, structure of the carpet and elegant fabric give this space a classic, professional look.

My favorite things
The nice thing about Betty Johnson Interiors — which has been in business for 50 years — is the store isn’t wrapped into any specific style. When walking through the vignettes of furnishings and accessories it’s obvious that both contemporary and traditional styles are respected here.

Personalize it
Working from home with no one looking over your shoulder sounds like an ideal setup — if the setup’s ideal.

Crafted kitchens
Wauwatosa’s Cindy Busche dreamed of making her kitchen her own since moving back into the 1950s Cape Cod she lived in with her parents as a child. On Sept. 26, the OAR Group started helping her dream unfold.

Home "suite" home
Once thought of as that first step to finding a "real home," condominiums are competing for home buyers who no longer consider them a stepping stone to buying the proverbial house with a yard and a white picket fence.






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