Rogers awarded APA accreditation

Special to The Freeman

Oct. 31, 2014

SUMMIT — Rogers Behavioral Health System announced Friday that the American Psychological Association recently accredited the Rogers Center for Research and Training, which manages the system’s internships, training and trials, as an accredited training site for psychologists.

A report was submitted by Jody A. Pahlavan, PsyD, and her colleagues, seeking the accreditation.

“I am very proud of the psychology team and this accomplishment,” Pahlavan, clinical director of child and adolescent partial hospital services, said in a statement. “We have worked very hard to provide a quality training program. Taking this opportunity to work together on a self-study to secure our accreditation is one of the highlights of my career. It’s fulfilling to provide quality training and assure ongoing growth in the industry.”

The accreditation was awarded upon a vote by the APA Commission on Accreditation, which evaluated the application and self-study, followed by a site visit and acceptance by the board, according to the announcement.

Rogers Behavioral Health System consists of five key corporations: Rogers Memorial Hospital; Rogers Memorial Hospital Foundation, Inc.; Rogers Partners in Behavioral Health, LLC; Rogers Center for Research and Training; and Rogers InHealth.