Tim O’Brien Homes to integrate new wall systems

Freeman Staff

Aug. 27, 2015

CITY OF PEWAUKEE — Tim O’Brien Homes will incorporate the BASF HP+ Wall System in all of its newly constructed homes going forward.

The BASF HP+ Wall System features advanced wall-framing technology and combines two BASF products: Neopor, a graphite-enhanced rigid foam insulation, and WALLTITE HP+, a closed-cell spray-applied polyurethane. According to the announcement, the combination of these materials into a single integrated wall system creates excellent control of heat, air and moisture while providing increased structural integrity, comfort, energy efficiency and indoor air quality.

“We’re committed to the building science details, especially moisture management, indoor air quality and thermal control and the BASF HP+ Wall System has helped us achieve higher performance at a price point that delivers exceptional value for our customers,” said company President Tim O’Brien in a statement.