V.K. Development launches WikiRealty to aid information gathering in real estate industry

By Janezia Ketchel - Special to The Freeman

March 26, 2014

Sanjay Kuttemperoor
Photo submitted

BROOKFIELD – Sanjay Kuttemperoor, president of V.K. Development Corporation of Brookfield, has launched WikiRealty as a new mobile and web application that he says can be used by the “entire ecosystem” of the real estate industry.

WikiRealty launched on March 6.

“This ecosystem,” said Kuttemperoor, “includes builders and developers of residential and commercial properties, residential and commercial brokers, lawyers, bankers, contractors, property and title insurance, architects, engineers and all other participants in any way connected to the industry.”

“Our family has been in the real estate business for many years; and as veterans in the real estate industry, we have always been bothered by the fact that getting access to reliable and current location- based granular information in the industry is a difficult, inefficient and unproductive process,” he said.

WikiRealty allows users to view specific property details, such as price, bedrooms, baths, square footage, etc., of a specific house. However, WikiRealty differs from other realty websites because it also allows users to view any information contributed by the surrounding community, such as any neighborhood content, Kuttemperoor said.

“With WikiRealty, you will now be able to find out about a new organic food grocery store being built down the street; that road construction is going to create traffic problems for two years; that a new school is being proposed to be built in one year; that a developer is planning a new subdivision with homes available for purchase in six months; that the area is in the frequent tornado path every year,' said Kuttemperoor.

“Sharing information and providing consumers with real time information is where our industry is going,” he continued “Industry professionals could use WikiRealty as a tool to inform consumers and potential buyers or clients about real time news and information in their respective disciplines. We believe WikiRealty has global reach and potential, given the problems that plague ‘information gathering’ in the real estate industry internationally.”

V.K. Development Corporation was founded in 1978 by Dr. Vincent Kuttemperoor, Sanjay Kuttemperoor’s father. Although Sanjay Kuttemperoor lives in Naples, Fla., and is the founder, CEO and president of WikiRealty, he remains in connection with V.K. Development Corporation as its president alongside his brother, Ajay Kuttemperoor, who is the second president of V.K. Development Corporation.