Midland Video Productions transitions ownership

Freeman Staff

July 10, 2014

Joe Liberatore
Photo supplied

Tom Kaupp
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MILWAUKEE- Midland Video Productions announced Tuesday the sale of the company after 34 years of ownership by George Liberatore and Neil Jaehnert.

MVP’s director and vice president of production development, Joe Liberatore will become president. Liberatore bought and will co-own the company with Tom Kaupp, president of Image Makers Advertising based in Waukesha.

“We’ve worked with Tom and his team at Image Makers Advertising on a number of projects, and after much consideration, we believe this partnership is the best for both organization’s continued growth,” said Joe Liberatore.

George Liberatore and Neil Jaehnert began the regional business for video production together in 1980 and will both transition out over the coming months.