Yahr Oil purchases fuel oil business 

By Judy Steffes - Special to the Daily News

June 7, 2015

KEWASKUM - Myron Strobel of Kewaskum sold his fuel oil business to Bob Yahr with Yahr Oil Inc.

“We’ve been in business since 1972,” Strobel said. They still have the propane business and the gas station at 890 Fond du Lac Ave.

Strobel, 56, said he’d been exploring getting out of the business the last few years, but it was tough.

The Strobel family has been in the business since about 1971-72 when Strobel’s dad Lester took over. His cousin Norman Jager was an agent who started the business in the 1930s and retired in 1971.

Myron started working with his dad as a teenager in 1976, he said.

“I was looking to retire at 55 so I’m a year behind right now,” he said.

Yahr said he fell into the deal at the right time.

“He was ready to move out of it and over the years we just stayed in touch,” Yahr said. The purchase means about 300 more customers for Yahr Oil Inc. in West Bend.