EconomicsWisconsin launches agreement with Carroll University 
Focus will be to finance education in K-12 classes

By Freeman Staff

June 9, 2019

WAUKESHA - A partnership between EconomicsWisconsin and Carroll University is intended to expand economics and personal finance education in the state’s K-12 education system.

The Carroll School of Business will support EconomicsWisconsin by helping develop curricula to assist economics teachers across the state, according to the announcement. This agreement makes Wisconsin the 16th state with such an affiliation.

A 2016 national study by PwC showed K-12 educators increasingly view financial education as a responsibility schools should take on, particularly in early grades, but also that they need more support to adequately teach those skills.

EconomicsWisconsin wants to provide Wisconsin teachers with curricula and competitions that challenge students as they learn about the free market and free enterprise systems.

“We have a deep commitment to support the principles of the free market system. Never has the most successful country in history been more at risk for losing the very foundation that made it successful,” said EconomicsWisconsin Board Chairman Greg Grambow. “And, we at EconomicsWisconsin believe the way to combat this trend is to reach out to the K-12 population, explaining the facts and benefits of our economic system so our students can make informed lifelong choices.”

According to the Council for Economic Education’s 2016 Survey of the States, years of substantive and carefully designed research shows that: K-12 students can learn economic and financial concepts when taught by teachers who understand and know how to teach economics; and students exposed to economic and financial education are more likely to display positive financial behaviors.