New Firehouse Subs promises to help community
Restaurant to open Tuesday in Waukesha

By ANDREA FENCL - Freeman Staff

April 22, 2017


Waukesha Firehouse Subs location owners Scott and Jennifer Weidner stand near the handpainted mural representing the city.

Andrea Fencl/Freeman Staff

WAUKESHA — A Firehouse Subs is opening Tuesday on 180 E. Sunset Drive and owners Scott and Jennifer Weidner are excited to help out the community one sub at a time.

After working as a contractor for nearly 30 years, Scott Weidner was looking for a change.

“I just decided it was time to shift gears and do something new and we started looking into franchises,” Scott Weidner said. “I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do.”

So Scott and Jennifer Weidner checked out a Firehouse Subs in Madison owned by Eric Erwin, the area representative for the state.

“I literally took one bite of my brisket sandwich and looked at her and was like we’re buying this,” Scott Weidner said. “The food is outstanding, then I started finding out about public safety and all the things they do and we felt this was the perfect fit for us.”

The founders of Firehouse Subs, Chris and Robin Sorensen, came from a long line of firefighters, and when Hurricane Katrina hit, the two went down to see what they could do for the community, Weidner said. That was when the Sorensens started the Public Safety Foundation.

“That’s what drives Firehouse — is our Public Safety Foundation,” Scott Weidner said.

The Public Safety Foundation raises money for fire stations, police stations and other organizations that ensure the safety of the public.

“What we raise here goes back here. It goes back to our community,” Scott Weidner said. “We already gave a portable defibrillator unit to Waukesha police. That was something that Chris and Robin did as we celebrated our 1,000th store nationally. They pledged 1,000 air pack units. We didn’t have a store yet but they gave us one anyway, and they did that out of their own pocket.”

How it works

“You can come in and you can round up. For instance, if your ticket is $9.70, you can round up to $10 and 30 cents goes toward the Public Safety Foundation,” Scott Weidner said.

Firehouse also has donation canisters and drives.

“We’re going to do a twist,” Scott Weidner said. “We have a custom antique light bar that we will turn on for anyone who gives a donation of a dollar or more.”

Scott and Jennifer Weidner said they plan on their store being number one in the country for the Public Safety Foundation.

“The giving back is huge,” Jennifer Weidner said. “I work at a nonprofit and that idea of helping people out in the community is super important, so it’s been a good combination

of those two things— feeling like the restaurants have good product, give to the community, that way, a sense of enjoyment but as well as being able to give back.”

And if the police or fire departments need something, the Weidners plan on

doing everything they can to make that happen.

The menu

The number one sub nationally is the Hook and Ladder Sub, Scott Weidner said. The sub has smoked turkey, Virginia honey ham and Monterey Jack cheese.

“Number one in the state is the bacon cheddar brisket,” Scott Weidner said. “That’s what I took a bite of, fell in love and bought the restaurant.”

Firehouse Subs also has 4inch subs all under 500 calories, salads and a kids menu where the children can receive a plastic fire hat with their meal.

“What sets us apart foodwise is our subs are served hot. They can be made cold if people request, but these are hot,” Scott Weidner said. “We steam everything. We don’t toast them, we don’t dry them out. The meats and cheeses get steamed together which kind of infuses the flavors, it makes a totally different flavor.”

Most of the sandwiches come “Fully Involved” with lettuce, tomato, onion, mayo and spicy garlic mustard, but people can customize what they want.

“We encourage people to come and try us out,” Jennifer Weidner said.