Greater Milwaukee Foundation awards grants to two researchers

Special to The Freeman

June 12, 2014

MILWAUKEE – The Greater Milwaukee Foundation has awarded grants to two scientists, who are pursuing research related to HIV and cellular machinery.

University of Wisconsin-Madison faculty researchers Nathan Sherer and Aaron Hoskins have both received $200,000 grants through the foundation’s Shaw Scientist Program, according to a statement. The annual award supports emerging investigators with innovative ideas in biochemistry, biological sciences and cancer research.

Sherer is studying how cells infected with HIV form tight contact with uninfected cells, making virus production and proliferation more efficient. According to the statement, he hopes this research will eventually lead to ideas for interrupting this process and the development of drugs effective against HIV, as well as new broad-spectrum antiviral medications.

Hoskins is studying cellular machines that interpret information found in DNA genes, in hopes that eventually he can determine how errors in these machines can lead to diseases such as blindness or muscular atrophies, according to the statement.

He will use his grant money to pursue “high-risk/high-reward” projects in order to understand how cellular machines are built. The funding will also help Hoskins accommodate undergraduates seeking summer research opportunities in his lab, the statement said.