Kleefisch bills addressing cable TV theft signed by Walker

Freeman Staff

Dec. 23, 2013

WAUKESHA - Gov. Scott Walker has signed a bill coauthored by state Rep. Joel Kleefisch, R-Town of Oconomowoc, that will send a strong message to those in Wisconsin stealing cable TV services: It’s illegal.

Assembly Bill 191 makes the theft of cable a crime.

“Since the inception of cable, those who steal it increase the price for those of us who pay it,” Kleefisch said. “This is a small way to ensure there will be consequences for those who steal cable.”

Kleefisch said officials at major cable companies have explained they have equipment for aiming at a cable junction, where a group of cable cable lines meet, to find where there is service being stolen.

“This is a way to stay ahead of criminals who are using technology to steal from those of us who are paying, as simple as that,” he said.

Under the law, those found stealing cable would be guilty of a misdemeanor. If convicted, people could face paying actual damages, costs and disbursements and possibly attorney fees.

For more information, contact Kleefisch’s office in Madison at 608-266-8551 or email him at Rep.Kleefisch@legis.wisconsin.gov.