A new place to dine downtown
Krimmer’s Restaurant to open soon

By AMANDA VOSS - Daily News

Feb. 4, 2015

Kelsey Krimmer smiles as she begins to talk about Krimmer's Restaurant on Tuesday afternoon in West Bend. Kelsey Krimmer hopes to be open in the next few weeks. 
Photo by John Ehlke

WEST BEND - Kelsey and Wes Krimmer aspired for years to open a restaurant. They are about to make it a reality.

Krimmer’s Restaurant, whose slogan is a pairing of steak and wine, 114 N. Main St., is going to be a semi-fine dining steak house when it opens in a few weeks, Kelsey said.

Kelsey and Wes have been employed in the restaurant business for years in West Bend and Milwaukee.

“That’s where we got a majority of the fine-dining experience that we have and both of us always liked the industry in general, and this was the dream when we set out was to own and operate our own place,” Kelsey said.

“We both kind of grew up here,” she said. “We went to high school in West Bend. When we had our family we decided to move back here.”

Kelsey said they chose downtown West Bend because it’s a revitalized area with a lot of history.

The exterior on N. Main Street of Krimmer's Restaurant on Tuesday afternoon in West Bend.
Photo by John Ehlke

“I think it has a lot to do with the fact this is a historical area of the city and I keep hearing from people in town that we need good new restaurants,” Kelsey said. “They’re looking for something different. Something fun and something modern, which is what we’re going for. West Bend has never seen a steak house, really.”

Wes agrees, they were attracted to downtown because it’s up-and-coming.

“We want to be a part of that,” Wes said. “

Wes is the executive chef. He said they will offer high-end steak, fresh seafood, fresh salmon and fresh produce. It will be an authentic American steak house.

“I feel that at Krimmer’s the food is going to be good,” Wes said. “It will be the food that will shine.”

Kelsey and Wes have been renovating the building, the former site of the Canton House restaurant, which was open for 21 years.

“People who knew the Canton House won’t recognize it,” Wes said. “We’ve come a long way with that property.”

A decorative lamp at Krimmer's Restaurant is seen on Tuesday afternoon in West Bend. 
Photo by John Ehlke

Wes works second shift in the restaurant business and said he would renovate Krimmer’s Restaurant from midnight to 5 a.m. after work, then get his children up at 7 a.m. and start over.

Kelsey described the decor as a modern steak house.

“So, we went with a lot of dark wood. Contemporary light fixtures,” Kelsey said.

Krimmer’s Restaurant features dark wood tables, trim and a dark wood bar area, which features a granite countertop. The focal point is a large structure behind the bar that will house the high-end liquor and wine. There was no bar in the building, so it is custom designed.

She said the modern feel will carry into the dishes, silverware, wine and food menus.

“We hand-selected everything,” Kelsey said. “It was a long process, but we wanted to do it right.”

Construction has been the challenging part.

“A lot of the challenges are with construction,” Kelsey said. “We know a lot about the restaurant industry, but we’ve never been in the construction business before, so that was difficult.

Kelsey Krimmer speaks about Krimmer's Restaurant in the restaurant's front room on
Tuesday afternoon in West Bend.

Photo by John Ehlke

Wes said he is looking forward to taking off his hard hat and wearing his executive chef hat again.

“What we were able to do with our own two hands,” Kelsey said. “What we were able to turn this building into and create our dream. This is more than we ever thought we could do.

“It’s been an incredible transformation, not only for the business, but for us to grow and learn as business owners.

“In both of our opinions the food quality is just going to be fabulous and outstanding,” Kelsey said. “The service is something we’re very focused on. In a fine dining atmosphere, anyone that walks through the door is the most important guest.”

Dinner service will be 5-10 p.m. Monday through Saturday. She said the business will probably open at about 4 p.m. for people who want a drink at the bar or appetizers.

Kelsey said the building inspection will be held today.

“That should be the final inspection barring anything that they find that has to be modified or changed,” Kelsey said. “As long as that goes well, we should be able to start the hiring process.”

Kelsey said the restaurant will have fewer than 10 employees.