EmbedTek showcases new facility

Freeman Staff

Sept. 18, 2015

   Charles Auer/Freeman Staff  

CITY OF PEWAUKEE - Mark Reidl shows the environmental testing lab to Tim Wallen and Mike Moody of MLG Capital during a tour of EmbedTek’s new facility on Thursday.

The lab tests the durability of equipment manufactured by the company under simulated temperature, humidity and shock conditions. The 50,000 square-foot facility with the potential of expansion to 100,000 square feet replaces a smaller one in Hartland.

The new facility expands manufacturing and engineering spaces while optimizing product flow and inventory management.

A worker assembles LCD displays in a clean room at EmbedTek on Thursday.

Charles Auer/Freeman Staff

CITY OF PEWAUKEE - EmbedTek employees assemble products in the company's new facility.
Charles Auer/Freeman Staff